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I am a self-taught investor who works in the financial industry. My focus is on value investing and finding the intrinsic value of a company and looking for opportunities that provide a deep margin of safety. My favorites are buy and hold, but I am open to learning all that I can. My website ... more


Bird’s Eye View Of Walmart
In this episode for beginner investors, we take a look at a well known company, Walmart, and walkthrough what to look at when choosing to invest, and how to compare it with other companies.
Analyzing Intangible Assets And Their Impact To Assets And Operating Income
The change in the way companies invest their capital has grown exponentially over the years, and accounting rules have not kept up.
How To Research Stocks (For Beginners)
We need to analyze many different factors from company financials, management, and competition to get a full picture of the company’s prospects and decide whether we want to own part of that business.
How To Use Common Size Analysis To Compare Companies To Peers
There are many forms of comparison, some flattering, some not. But the use of comparisons to help you find the best investment is called common size analysis.
Intrinsic Value: JP Morgan, Is It Still A Buy?
In the past JPM was one of my favorite stocks. But would I still buy it today? Let's take a closer look...
Return On Assets: How To Find Banks That Generate Profits
Return on Assets is a simple way to determine the profitability of a bank. The formula can be used for other businesses as well, but it is best known for its use with banks.


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Debunking Flawed Efficient Market Hypothesis Assumptions
5 years ago

Your welcome. And thanks for taking the time to read it.

What Baseball And Value Investing Have In Common
5 years ago

Hey Roger, thanks for the comment. I did read while researching the article that he was interested in buying Wrigley's but I think he passed because they wanted too much money. Go figure. He did own the team in Omaha for a while though.

What Baseball And Value Investing Have In Common
5 years ago

Thanks, it was a lot of fun to research and write. Have been a big baseball since I was in little league and was excited to see the connection. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

What Baseball And Value Investing Have In Common
5 years ago

Thanks for the comment and taking the time to read the article. Single hitters don't make as much money but they tend to win the games. And I think that is what is all about.

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