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Chad Brand is the founder and President of Peridot Capital Management LLC, a Seattle-based independent registered investment advisor (RIA), specializing in highly customized investment management services for individuals and families. We work with our clients to deeply understand their goals and ... more


Chipotle Valuation Surging To Dizzying Heights
At more than $600 per share, CMG’s forward price-earnings ratio is a stunning 50x.
EC Signs Of Topping In The Consumer Credit Cycle
The business cycle is alive and well and consumer lending has reached the point where prime borrowers have reached a level of debt they are happy with and lenders are now stretching a bit to grow.
My Recent Target Experience And How The Chase For E-Commerce Market Share Is Killing Retailer Margins
Some of the hybrid online/in-store business models don’t seem very well thought out, and surely won’t benefit shareholders much in the long run.
U.S. Stock Market Seems Like An Obvious Buy For First Time In A Long Time
With the S&P 500 index now down roughly 18% from its peak reached about three month ago, for the first time in years it appears the U.S. stock market is severely oversold and pricing in worse than likely economic conditions.
Johnson & Johnson Stock Not Discounted Much After Renewed Talc Media Blitz
Whenever news like this hits, especially with large dominant franchises with plenty of free cash flow to cover possible legal verdicts, it pays to see if investors are getting a short-term bargain.
With The Elevated Valuation Issue Solved, 2019 Earnings Growth Takes Center Stage
With S&P 500 profits set to come in around $157 for 2018, the trailing P/E ratio for the broad market index has fallen from 21.5x on January 1st of this year to 16.5x today.




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