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BluStar Market Timer Investment Philosophy: The stock market is currently in a technical Elliott Wave Bear Market Rally. It has been exhibiting A-B-C type waves instead of the normal 5 Waves since the market topped in 2000. According to "The Original Works of R.N. Elliott", we are due ... more

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A Strong Stock Rally Expected
The stock market fell in capitulation on Monday, a ‘c’ of “z” type wave that got everyone beared-up. Monday was the 16 TD low and could be the 20-week low as well.
S&P 500 3000 First And Then…?
The SPX fell into a rising channel formation and decline to go below 2860, which means to me we have one more rally left before we see a more significant decline later in May and early June.
E Why The Stock Market Rallied So Fast
The top in late Jan. 2018 to the bottom in Dec. 2018 was a three wave buying pattern I call X-Y-Z. These patterns are very bullish once completed and launch markets to higher highs.
More Selling In The Offing?
On Feb 27, the stock market topped and the SPX fell 142 points or about 5% in 3 days. Most of the decline was blamed on the Trump announcement of tariffs on Aluminum and Steel, with fears igniting about a coming trade war.
January Rally May Be Taken Out In January
The recurring 20 week low is due within this general time frame. Last seen on August 21, 2017, it generally runs about 100 trading days. For it to sync with the 16 TD low due around Jan 24 it needs to be topping this week.
A Microscopic Look At The Elliott Wave & The S&P 500
December will not be kind to the stock market and to a lesser extent, neither will mid-October.
Another Air Pocket Ahead
The S&P 500 shows a drop on Sept 7 to around SPX 2427/28.
The Case For SPX 2265.22 By August 14th
I present the case for SPX 2265.22 by August 14th, 2017. That is only one week away and would knock about 8.5% off the major average.
Why The Stock Market Must Fall Hard Monday
I have been warning for over a week now about a coming waterfall decline. The wave counts and cycles are at the point where I believe it is a virtual impossibility for the market not to implode Monday for the biggest one day loss of the year.
Market Forecast: OPEX Week July 2017
Volatility players should look to buy XIV on the expected dip Wednesday.
Quick Airpocket Ahead, Miners Look Good
The stock market is due for a sudden air pocket, likely from Tuesday to Thursday this week. My downside target is 2398 +/-. We are due for the 10 week low from April 13, 2017.
Good Sized Drop In Equities, Rally In Gold Near
GDX could easily move from the 22.90’s into the low 24.00’s.
Stock Market Pull Back Shallow, More To Go
The market is gradually becoming oversold with much resistance.
Stock Market: Alternate Projection
Where is the stock market heading?
Stock Market Due For Minor Pull Back
Today’s top appears to be a secondary top, which is pointing down in the coming days. My best guess is a move to 2356/57 SPX by Tuesday this week, and by Thursday or Friday, a move down to as low as the 2344/47 area.
SPX And GDX In Perspective
The stock market looks lower into April 21 with gold stocks trading higher.
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