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After completing a degree in Geophysics, Bob worked in mining exploration. Inspired by the mistake of making money on his first trade, he joined an investment dealer. Historical research led to metals forecasting for large mining companies. This segued into providing independent research to ... more


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Exceptional Speculations: Part 2 - BOB HOYE - PUBLISHED BY INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORS - JANUARY 11, 2018
We have been around too long to be wholly confident. However, the main trend is up & as with previous great bull markets, completion will be anticipated by change in credit markets which continue supportive of the boom. The recent turn to brighter action in industrial commodities also positive.
BOB HOYE - Exceptional Speculations
The Bitcoin/Blockchain phenomenon could become the mechanism that can meet the eventual public demand for sound money. One that cannot be corrupted by even the most charismatic of economists. Or the most compelling of federal budget failures.
Hegelian Dialectic
Solar minimums have been associated with climate cooling.
Our September 14th Pivot noted that the decline in the DX seemed to be basing. In which case, as the dollar recovered, the sector would sell off. Our conclusion was that the Precious Metals sector could be much cheaper by late in the year.
Signs Of The Times - Bob Hoye
We are still disturbed by last week’s observation from a very big money manager that the main risk is “policy error” by the Fed. This could be based upon 2007, when there was adamant conviction that the Fed, in making the perfectly-timed “cut” in the administered rate, could keep the mania going.
NYSE: Important Signal
We have been monitoring for what could be the last key technical signal on the NYSE, which has been a Sequential (9) Sell. This was accomplished on Thursday-Friday on the S&P and DJIA. BOB HOYE PUBLISHED BY INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORS SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
Global Warning!
As outlined by US markets, the financial mania has likely completed. September could reverse the action from bull to bear. As we have been reviewing it, the fall liquidity crisis could become serious enough to prompt a serious re-assessment of the competence of intrusive central banking.
For The Record
Bitcoin Achieves a Trifecta Thursday (Aug 31) and Friday (Sept 1) generated upside Exhaustion Alerts in Bitcoin in the daily, weekly and monthly charts.
Don’t Let the Smoke Out There are technical measures that are warning that the financial wires are getting very hot. The hottest since 2007 and 2000. Bubbles, in any century, are dangerous and failure has been signaled by changes in the credit markets.
BOB HOYE AUGUST 15, 2017 Climate Report
“Most men only care for science so far as they get a living by it, but they will worship error when it affords them a subsistence.” J.W. Goethe, 1824.
"Caught Lying Again" - Climate Stats: Update - BOB HOYE INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORS - AUGUST 2, 2017
Usually, this publication updates the monthly Sunspot count and includes a few timely charts. The posting for July extends the downtrend. However, some recent headlines on government tampering of data for political reasons indicates growing awareness about long-running corruption.
Oil Rally Retraces Over 50% Of This Year’s Decline - ROSS CLARK - INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORS -July 28, 2017
We’ve tracked the progress of the crude oil market since the Capitulation lows at the bear market bottom in 2016 as it pertained to previous bear markets recoveries.
A Sweet Looking Opportunity - CHARTWORKS - ROSS CLARK INSTITUTIONAL ADVISORS - July 30, 2017
The scan of the COT reports this week has come up with an item we rarely watch; Sugar. Prices put in a significant low in 2015 and rallied from 10 cents to 24 cents. The Sugar ETN (SGG) rallied from 24 to 54.
Big Rounding Top - Arctic Mean Temperature - BOB HOYE July 31, 2017
Having taken out the last low, the chart is rolling over.
“Is The Stock Market Up When It Should Be?” BOB HOYE JULY 27, 2017
Is the market up when it should be? Yes. On the last Springboard Buy in April we had a target for speculative excesses to be reached at “around June”. Are there signs of speculation? Technical indicators have reached excesses only seen near major stock market peaks.
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