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Andrew May is a hedge fund attorney who offers a wide range of services relating to finance and business law.  As the founding member of May Law in Chicago, he has represented clients ranging from individual investors to Fortune 500 companies.  He enjoys sharing his advice and ... more

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E From Too Big To Fail To "Living Wills", Banks Have Come A Long Way
The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 has had far-reaching effects on the banking sector and many of its effects have already started to make banks a lot safer.
E The Meteoric Rise & Sudden Fall Of Valeant Pharmaceuticals
The story of how Valeant Pharmaceuticals rose to dizzying values through acquisitions, only to be knocked down by a storm of controversy around fraud, overpricing and price gauging.
E Dawn Of The Robo-Advisers: Why The SEC Is Worried
We are witnessing a shift from your average suit-wearing financial adviser to software-based portfolio management. And robo-advisers are becoming the most trusted source of personal financial management for millennials. But the SEC has some concerns.
E Flash Boys Vs. Dark Pool: The Financial Showdown That Affects Everyone
While Darkpool going after the Flash Boys may seem like something out of a comic book, it may be one of the most crucial battles being fought for the future of investing on Wall Street.
E Boy-Genius To Most Hated Man In America: How Martin Shkreli Got Where He Is Today
How a 32-year-old kid from Brooklyn raised by immigrants went from little-known boy genius on Wall Street to universally-hated pharma villain to hedge fund fraudster in just a few short years.
E Is The Crisis At Volkswagen Impacting U.S. Car Suppliers?
Just a few weeks after being declared the largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen was hit with a scandal of epic proportions that threatens to chew away its market share and bank balance in record time.
E 3 Pros (And 2 Cons) To Investing Your Retirement Savings In Startups
One of the latest retirement investments people are considering is startup companies. There are both pros and cons to this option, and you should know both before committing your hard-earned retirement savings.
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