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Alok Misra is a Cofounder & Principal at Navatar Group, the financial services industry cloud provider. A prominent cloud expert, he writes regularly about business aspects of the cloud, for several publications. Alok spent his early career at Deloitte and PwC, before founding Navatar. He ... more

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In 2017, Private Equity Faces Its Greatest Test Yet
Private equity professionals operating in the middle market should anticipate 2017 to be a year of both immense challenges and rewards.
The Future Of The IT Bubble And CIO In The Age Of Cloud And Mobile
There’s something wrong with IT. Most business people are frustrated because IT can’t even understand their issues, let alone solve them.
Alternative Assets Fundraising: Investor Relations Matters More Than Fund Performance
A strong track record of investment performance is always the most important factor for asset managers looking to attract capital: that’s what the conventional wisdom would have us believe.
Smaller Private Equity Funds Well Positioned To Exploit Fundraising Boom
The time taken to raise funds is declining from an average of 18.1 months in 2013 to 15.8 months this year (the hottest are moving much faster).
Will Financial Advisors Increase Allocation To Alternative Asset Funds?
Advisors who aim to lead not lag their competition need to be on top of their game when it comes to knowing each client’s needs, their risk appetite, their varied personal situations, etc.
Allegiance Capital Gears Up For Strongest M&A Year
David Mahmood has grown Allegiance Capital into one the most active and dominant middle-market investment banks in the world.
A Cloudburst Of Financial Advisor CRM Options – What To Look For
With the advisory market growing rapidly, newer cloud CRM vendors are bringing more options, in addition to forcing legacy vendors to upgrade their offerings – which is great news for the advisory business.
Cloud Can End CRM Torture For Financial Advisors
Wealth managers are struggling with CRM, even though they are an attractive market for CRM providers
1 to 8 of 8 Posts