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India: An Alternative Investment Industry Growth Story
How does the India alternative investment industry compare with the global alternative industry and what does the future of India’s alternative investment industry look like?
Emerging Market Debts (Or Funds) As A Weakened-Dollar Bet
A new report illustrates why some investors may see emerging-markets debt as a good play over the near future, especially if the assets of the funds are denominated in the local currency.
Volatility Hedge Funds: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Hedge funds and volatility strategies are complex and complicated, which means they should be considered with caution. In this short research note, we explore volatility strategies offered by hedge funds.
Don’t Count On Multiple Expansion And Leverage Anymore
In the private markets world, the term “late cycle risks” has been much bandied about in recent years. A combination of high-entry multiples, high leverage, and a record amount of dry powder no doubt has driven concern among investors.
The world of investments is in a sense more democratic now, with Robinhood transforming the model of retail investing. It is important for this world to be transparent to itself, and currently it is remarkably opaque.
What’s The Difference Between Momentum And Trend Following?
The two factors are certainly related — they both intend to capture momentum, or the tendency for an asset to persist in its relative (or absolute) performance.
Hedge Funds And Private Equity—Building Bridges—Or Not
Alternative investment managers were evolving in the context of changing market conditions even before the Covid-19 pandemic, although the virus has speeded up the process.
An ‘Alternative’ Safe-Haven
The sovereign bond market has been a widely used tool for portfolio construction given its dual characteristics of returning real yield with negative correlation to equity markets – providing both a real return expectancy and portfolio protection.
Canadian Farmland – Feeding The World In A Changing Climate
Farmland innovations include machinery and technology, crop rotations, crop hybrids and regenerative farming methods which improve soil health.
‘Expectations Will Increase’ On E(E)SG
Environmental, employment, social, and governance measurement expectations will increase because stockholders want to “view these issues across companies and industries,” a viewing that requires comparable data by all relevant public companies.
The Inflation-Deflation Debate And Its Implication For Asset Allocation
One of the key questions facing investors at the moment is whether inflation or deflation represents the bigger risk for the coming years.
Variance Risk Premium: What Premium?
Investing is akin to fighting in the forever war. There are long periods of peace and prosperity, but investors are frequently drawn into short-term combat, extended battles, and multi-year wars.
Pursuing Diversification With Cryptocurrencies
If there is one thing that 2020 has shown the investment world, it is that this decade will certainly not be like the last.
Has The Corona Virus Helped To Erode The Hype Around Artificial Intelligence?
According to a recent WSJ article, many companies have just discovered that AI is not some kind of magic sauce that could be poured over any business process to transform it into a money making machine.
Volatility Forecasting Across The Financial Markets
Volatility is generally accepted as the best measure of market risk and volatility forecasting is used in many different applications across the industry.
Oil Prices Went Where?
Last week marked the first time oil prices broke below zero. How did this happen and what are the implications for crude markets in the short, medium, and long-term? The entire oil market runs the risk of normalizing much faster than anyone realizes.
1 to 16 of 217 Posts
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