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Alasdair has been a celebrated stockbroker and Member of the London Stock Exchange for over four decades. His experience encompasses equity and bond markets, fund management, corporate finance and investment strategy.

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EU Monetary And Economic Failures
The monetary, financial and political weaknesses of the EU are about to be exposed by the forthcoming global credit crisis.
The Dollar – King Rat Of Failing Currencies
It may be too early to say the world is entering a significant economic downturn, but even ardent bulls must admit to it as an increasing possibility.
FMQ Update
The fiat money quantity is comprised of fiat money both in circulation and available for circulation, being parked at the central bank in the form of the reserves of depository institutions.
The Return To A Gold Exchange Standard
A return to a gold standard is the only way nations can contain the interest cost of servicing debt, given the alternative is inflationist policies that can only lead to far higher interest rates and currency destruction
Currencies Threatened By A Credit Crisis
There is an assumption in economic circles that when the general level of prices changes, it is always due to changes in supply and demand for goods and services.
Why Monetary Easing Will Fail
The major economies have slowed suddenly in the last two or three months, prompting a change of tack in the monetary policies of central banks.
Trade Wars – A Catalyst For Economic Crisis
Let's look at how trade tariffs act on the economy at the current stage of its credit cycle and the implications for the economic outlook and for monetary policy.
Ten Factors To Look For In Gold In 2019
A list of possible economic developments and factors affecting gold itself.
Trump’s Trade Tantrum Triggers Slump
There are warning signals that the crisis that ends all monetary expansions may be upon us, with an obvious slowdown in global economic activity.
Crypto Credibility
There is a continuing debate about whether cryptocurrencies are a form of money, so it is important to put them in their financial context and establish their function.
HH The Tragedy Of The Euro
After two decades, the euro’s minders look set to drive the Eurozone into deep trouble. December was the last month of the ECB’s monthly purchases of government debt.
Markets Are All About Flows
Investors should take into account money flowing into and out of financial assets as well as stock flows, particularly escalating government bond issuance, which looks likely to accelerate significantly in the coming years.
The Arrival Of The Credit Crisis
Those of us who closely follow the credit cycle should not be surprised by the current slide in equity markets. It was going to happen anyway.
Time Is Money, Money Is Time
Stock markets are now falling because investors are suspending their belief that the state is in control and can avoid deflation while steering us into a promised land of perpetually rising asset values.
Gold - A Perfect Storm For 2019
For gold bulls, 2018 was disappointing. Gold had to struggle against a rising dollar, whose trade-weighted index rose a net 3.7% over the same period, and as much as 9.4% from its mid-February low.
Why China Should Remove All Trade Tariffs
It is widely understood by economists of most theoretical persuasions that trade tariffs are a bad idea, but President Trump has laid out his stall.
1 to 16 of 91 Posts
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