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Founded in 1996, AC LION is a leading executive search firm specializing in building sales, marketing and technology teams within the digital media (agencies, publishers, networks, search, 3rd party technology/software), emerging platforms (mobile, social, gaming, video and converging media), ... more

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AI Recruiting Tech Is Blowing Up
The growth in AI recruiting technology is a major talking point but who is building out these AI teams? Over $650 million dollars in talent acquisition AI roles was spent by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Navidia, Facebook, and Rocket Fuel last year.
3 Questions The Best Interviewers Always Ask Their Future Boss
Yesterday, you completed the phone interview with Human Resources. Today, you’ve pretty much aced the onsite interview with the boss. And as you near the close, they ask you the one question you’ve been dreading....
5 Best Reasons To Turn Down A Job Offer
Of course, no job is perfect, but if any of the below are ringing major alarm bells, do not ignore your gut.
How Successful People Spend Their Sundays
When you’re working hard all week, how you choose to spend your downtime matters. Here are ways nine successful entrepreneurs and professionals spend their Sundays.
10 Must Read Business Books For Your Summer
I do enjoy using my vacation to devour a book, broaden my horizons, and learn something new. If you’re looking for a good read this summer, I highly recommend any of the ten following books...
How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome
Over 70% of people have experienced a similar feeling of fraudulence at one point or another.This 'impostor syndrome' causes us to feel inadequate despite success, and we fail to recognize our accomplishments, attributing them to good timing or luck.
5 Resolutions For A Better Career In 2015
The new year means a fresh chance at reinventing yourself and getting what you truly want out of life. This can ring especially true for your career.
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