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jED (Japan Edge Limited) advises CEOs seeking cross-border transactions to transform their companies. For the right opportunity, jED invests its capital and becomes strategic partners of these companies. jED has closed 3 transactions in India in the last 24 months. See www.japan-edge.com for ... more

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Deals Slowdown Strikes Again In May’16
2016 so for continues to see less VC/PE activity compared to 2016. Reported investments fell again in May. YTD amount is down 22%.
VC/PE Investments In India For 2015 Close At USD 14B
Eight years after 2007, when India Inc absorbed ~USD18B of VC/PE investment, the sector once again saw robust activity in the year gone by. Total VC/PE investment hit almost USD14B.
Incredibly Shallow VC Scene For Pharma R&D In India
India pharma is touted as a big success, but what it does is not much better than Indian IT – low cost work with negligible innovation.
India VC/PE Sector Headed For A Big Year
In Jan-Apr’15, reported VC/PE/angel investment is around USD $4.4B, more than twice the amount reported in the same period in 2014.
Adlabs Entertainment – The Most Expensive Indian IPO Ever?
Adlab Entertainment’s IPO is amazingly expensive, even by the standards of the Media and Entertainment industry, where good stocks do tend to quote at a premium.
PE Investment In India Up 58% In 2014
2014 was a bumper year for VC/PE transactions, easily topping the numbers seen in the last 3-4 years.
Shareholder Value Maximisation & Executive Pay Hurting Real Returns, Says Paper
A radical new paper is doing the rounds of the analyst community, and it makes some strongly counter-intuitive assertions.
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