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I'm Aaron Jackson of ATMcharts.  I'm a market technician and independent swing trader.  Thanks for taking time to check out some of my work.

The purpose of my site is to think (somewhat) critically about markets, trades and various issues in trading & investing. ... more

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Charts: These Data Points Really Pop
I wanted to take a quick look at some of data points that really stand out. Enjoy!
Buy Yield
Dividend Stocks relative to the S&P 500 are starting to break out of a multi-year base. This is a huge deal.
Prepare For The Worst
Coming into the week big struggle for many market participants was this: the conditions seemed damn obvious for a short term rally, but the intermediate trend lower is the strongest to the downside since 2008.
On The Edge
We are on the edge of a rush in asset allocation that may just suggest a crash in equities. Let's face it, the markets are unstable and the relentless selling pressure has not abated.
Potential Market Positive
Classic roll over setup in the US Dollar. Is it headed back to the bottom of the range? Look for it to provide a boost to equities and commodities in the days and weeks ahead.
Patience Pays 2.0
Biotech stocks are kind of interesting heading into the holiday shortened week. They also show why the market is so hard right now. When the market is hard, you don't have to trade.
Shak Shaken
This market drubbing makes us miss the good ole days of yesteryear. Remember when ShakeShak rallied from 40 to 90 in 3 months? Well, last week the stock gave up that IPO level.
Uptrends Emerging In Solar
After a sharp rally in December, most solar plays are holding their gains well, which is a positive until it's not. Keep an eye on the group moving forward.
What's Up With Retail?
The bullish argument for retail is e-commerce is winning by a landslide. At this point, everyone and their mother knows that bullish argument for Amazon. It's mostly if not completely priced in.
Key Market Technicals
If I had to describe 2015 in a few words, I’d call it “violently flat.” No one can “predict” what 2016 will bring. Thus, let’s focus on the state of the overall market right now and look for 2016 clues on specific charts of interest.
6 Investor Lessons From Bill Ackman And Valeant Pharmaceuticals
A confluence of factors has changed Valeant from one of the greatest momentum stocks of the last decade to one of the most hated, bidless stocks in the market.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts