With A Grexit, A Lot Of Politicians And Bankers Would Lose Their Job... So This Must Be Avoided By All Means

"Where there’s a will, there’s a way," Merkel told reporters as she arrived in Brussels. "The goal is to keep Greece in the euro area." The prospect of a moderately successful 'Grexit' would invite endless speculation within the EU concerning who’s next.


If I am wrong and we do have a GREXIT after all, make sure you brace for dramatic events in the banking world!

Gold has always been a long-term store of value whose price has the potential to experience a high degree of volatility over the short term. As such it has some of the characteristics of a currency while also representing a diversifying quality within a portfolio. However gold does best when people lose confidence in the ability of other currencies to hold their value either through deflation and low interest rates or through runaway inflation and high rates. 

As the Bond market and bubble are deflating, all DERIVATIVES and derived products will suffer a lot! The time to get rid of these is NOW and this includes Fiat Money and Treasuries.

Amongst the most serious cracks in the Dollar wall are the market for US municipal bonds and the US pension system. Pensions, because an environment of interest rates on the floor doesn’t allow pension funds to meet the performance which they had planned; Munis (municipal bonds) because this huge market will collapse if a city of significant size is unable to repay its bonds. Yet the two are linked: many public pensions are paid locally, increasing the pressure on municipal budgets and precipitating bankruptcy…

Important Fundamentals:

Authorities will do ALL WITHIN THEIR POWER to avoid any accidental flash-crash of the Bonds/Treasuries....but there is only so much they can do. Once Bonds fall and interest rates rise, derivatives start to make their kills: life insurances, insurances, re-insurances, pension funds, bank deposits, fiat money, common shares....I have no idea how long the process will take and whether we shall see some accidents (black swans)...but don't let your hope feelings and emotions refrain you from doing what you must do...and do it NOW!

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Gary Anderson 6 years ago Contributor's comment

I am not convinced of the arguments of the libertarians. Gold is a commodity like all the others and gold coins trade as commodities. Commodities are crashing.

Bob Drage 6 years ago Member's comment


Anastasija Janevska 6 years ago Member's comment

I enjoy reading your comments, but what is with all the caps all the time?

John Crouch 6 years ago Member's comment

I would hazard a guess, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, possibly Sweden, as they still use the kroner. Don`t forget Norway & Denmark as they can swtich to their old currency very quickly as well.