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At InvestingHaven we spend a lot of time researching global markets to find the most profitable segments. We report them in our annual forecasts, and in recent months we wrote again some 30 such forecasts. According to our research, we expect some outspoken trends in 2020. This article is a summary of the most bullish trends in 2020.

In general, we forecast that stock markets will be bullish, both in the U.S. as well as emerging markets. Europe will follow their path. Buy and hold the right equities will work in 2020.

Equally important is the new precious metals bull market that started in 2019. As per our gold forecast and silver forecast we expect gold to move higher, but silver to move once or twice aggressively higher in 2020. This is also the short answer to the question which precious metal to buy in 2020. Timing entries and exits will be crucial for success, especially for silver investments.

Bullish Global Stock Market

Global stocks will be bullish in 2020, according to our risk cycle analysis.

We see this clearly in the patterns of our leading indicators, first and foremost 10-year U.S. Treasury rates as well as the Russell 2000 index. Note that we use these indicators not as signals to buy these markets, but rather as indicators to understand the trends of broad stock markets.

In particular according to our Dow Jones Forecast for 2020 and 2021 we see 32,000 points in the index as an achievable target in the foreseeable future. It's one of the most bullish forecasts we have for 2020.

This is an important quote from our forecast (we also recommend to check out the Dow Jones 20 years chart as well as its historical chart on 100 years):

Our Dow Jones forecast is strongly bullish for 2020 as well as 2021. A first price target of 32,000 points in 2020. Both the Dow as well as global stocks will be bullish. However, prepare for a market crash in 2022. Enjoy till then!

If U.S. stocks are the place to be, then which segments are the ones that are worth considering in 2020? We answered that question in our 6 best sectors for 2020, and may summarize them as follows:

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Harry Goldstein 1 month ago Member's comment

Why don't you expect silver to spike until 2021?

Taki Tsaklanos 1 month ago Author's comment

Not sure what made you think this. But the article says several spikes per year in silver, and silver's bull market accelerating going into 2021. It also says silver is the preferred (most promising) precious metal of the 4. Apologies if this wasn't clear.

Harry Goldstein 1 month ago Member's comment

You wrote that Silver will only "rise mildly in 2020" and won't accelerate until 2021 (2nd to last paragraph).

Beating Buffett 1 month ago Member's comment

In these uncertain times, you don't expect gold and silver safe havens to go even higher?

Taki Tsaklanos 1 month ago Author's comment

Well, as said in the article, gold and silver WILL go higher, but not because of a safe haven bid. Look at Treasuries, THE ultimate safe havens, they are falling!

Beating Buffett 1 month ago Member's comment

Good point Taki Tsaklanos.