The Most Amazing Story About Bitcoin You’ve Ever Heard

A month ago, a top trader from the NY Stock Exchange approached me.

“I have someone who desperately wants to buy $100 million worth of bitcoin,” he began. “Can you help me find a seller?”

He then added, “I will give you a million dollars if you can find me one.”

So, of course, I said, “Sure!”

I called everyone I knew who might own $100 million or more in crypto. I know quite a few people who qualified.

When dealing with this massive amount of money, you can’t buy it on the exchanges. It will skyrocket in price. But the demand was there!

So I said to my friends who were sellers, “I have a buyer ready to send you $100 million cash for your bitcoin.”

They all said, “No.”


One guy said, “There is no way I would sell at these prices. In fact, do you KNOW anyone I can buy MORE from?”

Another told me I was crazy for even calling him.

Most told me the reasons they are holding bitcoin… All the reasons it could double or quintuple(!) from here.

All of the same reasons I’ve shared with you in my Masterclass.

So no luck. The whales are not selling… instead, they’re looking to buy.

And it’s not just the Wall Street elite here in the U.S. either.

Here’s another story I heard recently through my network.

When Trump pulled from the nuclear accord with Iran, Iranians got scared.

The wealthy non-religious population of Iran lost trust in their currency. So what currency did they run to? The only choice: Bitcoin.

Shortly thereafter, according to discussions I had with the brokers of these transactions, OVER $2.5 BILLION of Iranian Dinars fled the country and went into bitcoin.

But how did they buy that much without the price of bitcoin spiking?

The same way my Wall Street friend tried to buy $100 million dollars of bitcoin.

They avoided exchanges. And instead tried to buy direct…

Why not use an exchange to buy bitcoin at $7,000?

Good question. Remember, the supply of bitcoin is FINITE.

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Gianfranco Pellegrini 1 month ago Member's comment

Your friend must be very happy he didn't throw away his money. His $100mil would be worth half

Jason Green 1 month ago Member's comment

That's still a lot of mulah!

Vasilii Pollock 5 months ago Member's comment

The most amazing story is about the Man who ‘threw away’ bitcoin haul now worth over $80m and wants to dig up landfill site (Google for the full story) )

Leslie Miriam 5 months ago Member's comment

I had read about that on the news. That's crazy, absolutely crazy.