E The Hazards Of Bugging-Out

What do you do when the wheels come off the economy, Wall Street's doors are locked, and polite society crumbles toward panic?

Is packing a "bug-out bag: and "bugging-out" the answer?

Yes, and no.

At least not for me...and probably not for most folks.

My thinking on the subject has profoundly shifted after I read Jim Sinclair's recent article, "Be Prepared-Bugging Out," found at his MineSet site and posted on February 22, 2017. It is filed under General Editorial.

Having a bug-out bag, packed with legal records, clothing, survival gear, and medical and food supplies, is always a good thing to have handy for hasty emergency departure in case a destructive fire or wind threatens.

In fact, a bug-out bag for every member of the family is a sound and practical idea, but after that, my valuation on bugging out plummets like a popped balloon.

Bugging-out is one of those concepts that looks good on paper, and I grant that Mr. Sinclair did a very thorough analysis of its benefits, but my feeling is that the concept has bull-dozer-size holes in it when it's presented as a blanket panacea.

I'll present several reasons, as briefly as possible, why "bugging-out" will simply not work for most of us.

First of all, our nation would be one of nearly 200 facing the same explosive issues, so let's just consider what the population of the US would face without markets, banking, employment, cash, food, fuel, utilities,and reliable, affordable transportation.

Specifically, what would you face...along with your spouse, children, and family... if NOTHING worked anymore?

Maybe you can "see" yourself picking up your "bug-out" bag and set off into the great unknown, but, can your spouse share your vision? Can your children tag along stealthily? What about your baby, or grandchild...and a good supply of those little jars of baby food? And, what about your parents...or feeble grandparents? What about those in hospitals and nursing homes? 

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