The Big Government Show Must Go On

Another week. Another week of distractions. On Tuesday, for instance, was the great State of the Union Address. To this, many opinions and observations have been offered. Here, we’ll contribute several of our own…

President Trump is a showman of stout ego. How he must have relished the run-up to Tuesday’s primetime address with impatient anticipation. What a disappointment it must have been to look out from the podium of the House of Representatives at the 116th Congress and see the greatest assemblage of political crooks, lowlifes, and losers in living memory staring back at him.

But the show must go on…disappointments and all. For life’s full of disappointments. The many botched opportunities. The countless hours wasted on bids for ridiculous jobs. Super Bowl Sunday. Duds, dissatisfactions, and disappointments come a dime a dozen.

Words are also the source of many disappointments. Words that shouldn’t have been said.  Words that should have been said.

So, too, words and the absence of words can be distractions. And within a sequence of words, there are sometimes obvious omissions.

For example, nowhere within the 82 minute State of the Union Address was there a single word of the country’s burgeoning $1 trillion budget deficit.  Nowhere was there a word of the great $22 trillion national debt default that’s bearing down upon us like a savage hurricane along the Gulf Coast.  Nowhere was there mention of the $122 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which includes the sacred cows of social security and Medicare.

What Gives?

No One Cares

The real State of the Union – the one President Trump omitted from his address – is a state of impending doom brought on by 50 years of relentless debt accumulation. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, the federal government has spent more than it takes in. Now the debt has piled up past the point of no return; there’s no longer an expedient way to reverse course.

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