The Best Selling Vehicles In America, By State

From Ford trucks in the Midwest to Toyotas on the coasts, the best selling vehicles in America reveal a lot about the country.

Compared to other countries with fewer highways or narrower roads, the U.S. is very much a truck-friendly country. Across the U.S., the most sold vehicle in 2019 was the Ford F-Series of trucks, primarily the F-150.

As the home of the world’s pioneer automotive manufacturers, including Ford (F) and GM (GM), consumers primarily purchase local brands. But that hasn’t stopped Toyota (TM), the largest foreign manufacturer in the world, from also gaining a foothold.

This graphic uses 2020 sales data from automotive information resource, breaking down the best selling vehicles in each state through new vehicle retail registration.

What Are the Best Selling Vehicles in Each State?

Despite a slowdown in vehicle sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a global chip shortage, Americans still bought plenty of trucks last year.

In fact, 48 out of the 50 states had a truck or SUV as the top selling vehicle in 2020—and most states actually had trucks taking all of the top three spots. The only two with a car topping the leaderboard were California and Florida.

Top Selling Vehicle By State (2020) #1 #2 #3
Alabama Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado Toyota Camry
Alaska Ram 1500-3500 Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado
Arizona Ram 1500-3500 Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado
Arkansas Ram 1500-3500 Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado
California Honda Civic Toyota RAV4 Toyota Camry
Colorado Ford F-Series Ram 1500-3500 Toyota RAV4
Connecticut Honda CR-V Toyota RAV4 Subaru Forester
D.C. Toyota RAV4 Honda CR-V Subaru Forester
Delaware Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado RAM 1500-3500
Florida Toyota Corolla Ford F-Series Toyota RAV4
Georgia Ford F-Series Chevrolet Silverado RAM 1500-3500
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