Riding The Gold Money Train

Amateur investors tend to focus on predicting what’s next for their current situation. In contrast, professionals prepare for a future that is mostly unknown.

In 2019, when I talked about preparing for a potential 2020-2021 virus cycle, most investors ignored my warnings, and many paid a horrifying price.

They were focused on the US election because it was the current event in play. A focus on what is happening today is easy, and… focusing on what is easy is a hallmark of the end-stage of empires.

A lot of gold bugs are now focused on the “vax” discussion, but they mainly discuss the questionable vax for Corona rather than the failed fiat vax for gold

The bottom line: gold investors don’t need a fiat vaccine. They just need to follow some basic rules. 

Investing in gold requires a “keep it simple” approach.

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I like to start my investing day with this chart. 

Sadly, if libertarians had spent a fraction of the time-fighting fiat, that they now spend fighting Corona vaccines…

There would never have been any lockdowns because the government couldn’t have paid for them with printed fiat money.

Corona is old news and a focus on that virus and related vaccines won’t make gold investors richer. 

What lies ahead is a potential war cycle (2021-2025), potential stagflation, and a possible “super top” in the US stock market.  

The bottom line: America may be at a time that is a hybrid of 1861, 1929, 1939, and 1966… a horrifying mix of war and stock market cycles.

It looks like Jay Powell will need a new reason to continue his silly “inflation is transitory” narrative. He’ll likely claim that the floods are a black swan that simply delays his “grand taper” and rate hike plans. 

My suggestion to the world’s gold bugs is to be much less sure than Jay is about his roadmap for US inflation.

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