Macro-To-Micro Power Hour: The Fed On Pause But Inflation Is Not

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In this episode of Macro-To-Micro Power Hour from 03/20/24, Samantha LaDuc and Craig Shapiro discuss the aftermath of the Federal Reserve's decision and Powell's press conference, focusing on market reactions and future monetary policy expectations. They delve into the discrepancy between the Fed's projections and market interpretations, particularly concerning interest rate cuts and inflation expectations. Craig and Samantha explore the implications of these developments on various assets, including equities, bonds, and commodities like gold and oil. They also consider the broader economic indicators and potential shifts in the U.S. dollar's strength, offering insights into strategic asset allocation in light of evolving financial conditions.

Video Length: 01:03:47

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:22 Market Overview and Fed Day Analysis
00:02:12 In-Depth Analysis of Fed Decisions and Market Reactions
00:05:33 Market Trends: Bitcoin, Gold, Oil, and Inflation Assets
00:08:19 Post-Fed Market Dynamics and Analysis
00:10:57 Quantitative Tightening and Market Implications
00:13:17 Bank of Japan's Policy and Impact on Markets
00:15:39 Market Trends and Investment Strategies
00:18:16 Fed's Economic Projections and Market Interpretation
00:21:35 Market Reaction to Fed's Decisions and Asset Pricing
00:24:31 Discussion on Market Biases and Investment Strategies
00:27:51 Equity Market Reactions and Dollar Impact
00:31:00 Energy Market Dynamics and Political Influence
00:33:19 Treasury Market Dynamics and Fiscal Policy Influence
00:35:54 Yield Curve Movements and Market Trends
00:39:00 Macroeconomic Risks and Market Reactions
00:42:37 Market's Inflation Expectations and Federal Reserve's Stance
00:46:40 Market Dynamics Post-FOMC and End-Of-Quarter Outlook
00:50:15 Discussion on Market Perception of Dollar Weakness and Currency Debasement
00:54:30 Upcoming Macro Event Risks and Market Implications
00:58:48 Long-Term Market Trends and Investment Strategy Discussion 

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