If You Thought Markets Sucked This Week… You’re Right

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If you love it when stocks don’t move and nothing makes sense, you probably had a blast this week…

For everyone else, yours truly included, the markets were just… terrible. I mean, they sucked. Or worse.

As a trader, you want to see two-sided trades, action. We did not get that. Instead we’re straight up, straight down - a glimmer of sweet, sweet volatility - and then straight up.
We’d been experiencing some volatility lately, but this week was a volatility vacuum.

Complacency is the name of the game… and I don’t like it.

We’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about the way-too-low expected moves. We’ll talk about why the market is stuck in a “bad news is good news groove” and what it’ll take to break free.

Let’s get started…

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