Gold, Silver & The Markets: What’s Next For 2019

The big question on the minds of most investors is what will happen to the markets and precious metals in 2019. Well, the answer depends mainly on two factors, the oil price and overall weakness in the economy. If the oil price continues to decline, it will indicate a deflationary outcome for the economy and markets.

While this sounds counter to the notion that falling oil prices will drive higher consumer demand, we also must remember that it will negatively impact the U.S. shale oil industry. A lower sustained oil price, as I wrote about in my previous article, Rapidly Falling Oil Prices First Guts Tar Sands, Then Shale Oil will begin to destroy the oil industry, especially the unconventional oil industry. I don’t believe Americans or the investors realize the tremendous amount of economic activity it takes to produce shale oil.

Now, the last U.S. economic bubble in 2007-2008 was based on a highly leveraged housing market. However, the present economic bubble is being propped up by the U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme.Some energy analysts don’t believe the U.S. shale oil industry has that much of an impact on the market, but I disagree. Since the 2008 market crash, the U.S. shale oil industry has brought on nearly 7 million barrels per day (mbd) of tight oil.U.S. oil production has surged from 5 mbd in 2008 to 11.7 mbd currently.

So, to understand what happens to the markets in 2019, we need to focus on the number one driver of the economy… the Oil price. Today, I discuss what is taking place in the broader markets, gold-silver, and the oil price:

Video Length: 00:25:34

In the video, I describe the oil price market and where it will likely trade early next year. Through my recent research of the Day Trading Markets, I have learned how prices move up and down around certain key technical levels. Thus, market prices are set by two factors, FUNDAMENTAL and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. While I have focused primarily on fundamental analysis, technical analysis provides sort of a “Crystal Ball” where the prices of stocks, energy, metals, and commodities will trade,

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