Alibaba Shareholders Now 100% Losers

Jack Ma has managed to do it again, having made his fortune during the Internet bubble (only to stand aside as all his shareholders got wiped out). He went public again last year to huge fanfare, and with his stock at a lifetime low, 100% of the entire who was blinkered enough to buy his stock has a loss, some of whom having lost over 30% in a matter of months. At least he’s still one handsome sumbitch. Oh, and by the way, this is in the context of a surging Nasdaq near the highest levels of human history.



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A Henderson 6 years ago Member's comment

Just before we get a stream of pro-Alibaba comments I think everyone should be aware of the existence of the 50 cent army. This is a group of some 300,000 paid commenters from China whose job it is to make China and Chinese companies and interests look good/better.

Alexis Renault 6 years ago Member's comment

Is that for real? Such a thing exists?

Pat Ricco 6 years ago Member's comment


Raymond Chow 6 years ago Member's comment

Stop typing on your Chinese made keyboard then.

Dolph C. Volker 6 years ago Member's comment

It's the surrounding corruption, lies, web boosting and fake products that make this company and IPO totally suspect. Why does anyone buy cheaply made, fake, substandard products from China anyway? Admittedly I have them but it's because USA doesn't' make those cheap products.

Dino Dionne 6 years ago Member's comment

Hedge Funds unloaded it before the year's end and the institutional drag has its own tailwind. We sold it at 113 and bought Yahoo instead as one gets "free" Yahoo, Yahoo (Japan) and some BABA at dirt cheap prices.

Gary Fearon 6 years ago Member's comment

Oooh, aren't you clever?

Travis Williamson 6 years ago Member's comment

Not sure what your drivel is about. That Jack Ma is out to steal shareholders' money? That BABA is the only stock to ever drop after it's IPO? What kind of argument are you trying to make? Or are you just bitching because you foolishly invested in BABA's IPO, without any way to value it, without any ownership in the actual company (that's right BABA is a shell company for U.S. investors - no voting rights, no legal recourse)? If you are really a managing partner for some kind of investment club, Tim, I really feel sorry for your subscribers.

Electro 6 years ago Member's comment

Investing is a long term venture. Even Facebook shares first plummeted on its initial IPO.