2020 In The Rearview Mirror, Looking Forward To 2021

2020 has been a year we’d like to forget but clearly never will. I’ll skip the typical “year in review” type stuff and maybe make my version of it a little more personal …

2020 for me was quite possibly my best year ever from a professional view and my worst from a personal one.  I am sure given what the year brought us all this is not an atypical statement but I thought it bears making as I believe everything in one’s life intersects.  For me, those polar outcomes to the two main sections of a person’s life have the effect of making one feel a bit numb.  It’s hard to get too happy about a business success while the other part of your life is “distressed” to use a biz term here. On the flip side, when your business aspect is going so well, it does buffer the downside of the other areas to a point.

A couple of things I learned this year:

  • Most people you think are “friends” are “acquaintances” and not friends. When the shit hits the fan, a friend calls you to say “how can I help” and an acquaintance sees you weeks or months later and says “I heard about that, are you ok?” and offer nothing.
  • The Eric Clapton song “Nobody Knows You” is the most accurate song ever written and this last year and a half have proven this to me.  I write this listening to his 2-hour concert in Budokan. Do yourself a favor and put it on…
  • The flip side of this there are people you’d never expect to be the “friends” portion of the above statement come out of the woodwork. I am forever grateful to the many ValuePlays subscribers who I have mainly only know virtually have unknowingly filled major gaps. You know who you are and I hope 2021 is the best year of your life…
  • There are still others who just decide to stick by you like glue no matter what and are present day-after-day. Never let those people go ……ever. They just unapologetically love you…give them the same
  • Never hold anyone to a standard higher than you hold yourself, contrarily, when someone holds you to a standard higher than theirs, they are only doing so to make themselves feel superior, get them out of your life…
  • If you are able to segment your life, a dumpster fire here does not affect what you are doing over there (I’m continually amazed Clapton can Sing “Tears in Heaven” in concert).
  • Inflationistas and gold bugs have officially been proven 100% wrong. It's been a decade give up
  • The polling industry for politics is officially finished
  • Predicting next year is a waste of time and 2020 put the nail in that coffin
  • Let businesses loose and they can come up with a cure/vaccine in months, not years…
  • At the end of the day, people just want to feel safe and free
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