Top 4 Best IOTA Wallets Reviewed

Well, that’s good, right? No.

The seed used to create an account is the all-encompassing key to the funds stored in it. This means that any website that helps you create a seed could just as easily keep a record of the seeds they created, and use them siphon users of their funds. And before you think that it is just being paranoid, it has actually happened.

Still, if you really want to create your own seed, the GUI IOTA Light wallet is happy to oblige.

Learn How To Setup & Use IOTA GUI Light Wallet


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If you like dabbling in crypto, chances are that you own many different kinds of cryptocurrencies apart from IOTA. In such a scenario, it can be a pain to maintain dozens of wallets for every one of your tokens. So how about one good wallet that could take care of all?

That’s what Guarda is all about.

Not only does it support major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple but also the whole gamut of ERC 20 tokens, along with the popular outliers like Monero, Tron, Stellar, and of course, IOTA.

To help you make your decision, here is a list of its strengths over other IOTA wallets.


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Cross Platform

When Guarda says cross-platform, it really means cross-platform. Windows? Check. Macintosh? Check. Linux? Check. Android or iOS? Check. And if you are feeling like downloading the native client for your platform, you can always rely on the web app for your needs.

Multiple cryptocurrencies supported

Ever since the crypto boom, the market has been saturated by multiple tokens that claim different missions and ways of working. Many of these come on entirely separate Blockchains, while some, like IOTA, ditch the blockchain technology entirely in favor of a brand new alternative.

As such, there are few wallets capable of supporting such a diverse cast of cryptocurrencies in one app. Guarda has emerged as a solid choice for those looking to manage their entire portfolio on a single app.

Private information stored locally

Many web wallets take the easy route of providing remote services and end up transmitting user information over the network. Even when encrypted, such information has the potential to be intercepted by hackers and used to access the unlucky user’s funds without their knowledge.

Guarda avoids this security pitfall by storing private information in the secure storage of the respective device and wiping it clean on each logout.

Exchange crypto assets on the fly

While Guarda has many features to recommend its usage, this one here takes the cake. Usually, to shift your tokens from one crypto to another, you need to go through an arduous, long winding process that requiring extensive paperwork and KYC procedures. Guarda allows you to sidestep the whole nine yards, and gives you the ability to shuffle around your crypto holdings with ease.

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Ledger Nano S

IOTA Ledger Nano S graphic


The Ledger Nano is a device that hardly needs an introduction to any crypto enthusiast worth his salt. As is widely known, it is a bad idea to store a large number of funds in an online ‘hot’ wallet. Instead, it mat be wise to keep most holdings safely security in a hardware wallet.

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