Tesla Buys Bitcoin – Should You?

Tesla’s #BOP on bitcoin!

By investing in the crypto, it set our 2021 America 2.0 predictions in motion.

I can see why Tesla is IN.

Bitcoin is on a roll. It’s gone up 4X in a year’s time. But a lot of you are asking me: “Did I miss the boat on buying in?”

I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on for bitcoin and the world of crypto. See my take and what you can do today to invest in this game-changing America 2.0 move:

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Big news today coming from Tesla. I am sure if you are following our YouTube channel — which reminds me, subscribe to us and give us a thumbs up if you enjoy our videos — you would have seen my amazing colleague Amber speaking to my colleague Patrick about Tesla and Bitcoin (BTC).

So you all know the big news. Tesla has purchased $1.5 billion of BTC. So in today’s Bold Profits Daily I want to talk about BTC. I want to talk about what I believe is going on, what I believe is going to unfold, and recap some of the predictions I have laid out.

What is going on with BTC? Why is it now more than $40,000? I saw a tweet from someone who said if you went back to last year’s Super Bowl, BTC’s price was $9,300. So it’s gone a little bit more than 4x in just one year’s time. What is the reason? What is going on?

Why is this digital asset being bid up? If you go through our YouTube videos you will see we have been tracking BTC for a while. Ian Dyer and I talk about BTC pretty much every single week on the Iancast. If you are subscribed to this channel you know every Friday we give an update.

If you go back, you will see there’s been a series of steps that have led to this. I believe there is a series of steps that is eventually going to lead to even higher prices. Let’s track back and look at some of the steps that led to this. If you go back and look, last year BTC had something called The Halving.

Go back and look at the videos if you want to know what I’m talking about. The people who mine BTC use computers to work out a puzzle and their reward is BTC. The reward was halved. It went from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. These Halvings have a critical element: they reduce the amount of new BTC that can come as supply.

That is one of the most critical elements of this. BTC is the ultimate demand and supply asset. Its supply is permanently fixed at 21 million coins forever. Right now it’s estimated that about 18.5 million of these coins have been mined. “Mined” is the word that is used in crypto for programmed or decoded.

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