Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Future Of IoT

I might have found a solution to my vexing fitness problem. As with so many of my personal breakthroughs, the answer was obvious in retrospect. But had it not been for a series of technology purchases and a mistyped URL, it is unlikely I would have discovered it.

The series began when I purchased a smart phone, later a Fitbit FIT (measures activity) and finally an Aria scale (a Wi-Fi body fat scale). These devices can be useful independently, but unless they are connected they only tell a small part of the story. Unfortunately, my approach to technology was based on a traditional “set it and forget it” concept, which I never abandoned on the basis that the probability of discovering anything new wasn’t worth the extra effort.

And so I languished for a year - not gaining any weight nor losing any. I did all the right things, ate well and exercised frequently. Or so I thought.

It was serendipitous I suppose, but on one rainy Saturday while doing research, I accidentally mistyped a URL into an internet browser. You see I tend to hit the letter ‘S’ instead of ‘A’ on the keyboard when I type too fast. That mistyped letter changed how I viewed the future of technology forever.

I landed on an Internet of Things (IoT) blog written by a well-known expert in the space. He had recently started connecting his devices and using the combined data to discover new patterns and subsequently methods for improving his life. The article had a big impact on my fitness program because it taught me how connected devices could be used to understand and evolve my program.

For me, it turns out, when I walk while I talk on the phone I gain an additional 5000 – 7000 steps every day (I spend hours on the phone). According to the data, that’s not trivial. That’s burning an extra 1800 calories. That discovery (from looking at the data) changed everything. I quickly achieved my fitness goals and remain in great shape to this day.

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