The Apple Watch, The Insanely Thin New Macbook, The Fanboys, And The Haters

Approximately 417 people have asked me since yesterday’s Apple (AAPL) event what my take is. Obviously my response was “See my Twitter feed. I was live tweeting the event as it happened.”

But now that I have gotten my thoughts together, I will try to make some sense of them. There were a few parts of last night’s keynote, and as always, some were more exciting than others. Before the event even started, I made sure to remind my Twitter followers, some of whom would inevitably call the Apple Watch a waste of money, an overpriced toy, or claim that there is no market for such an expensive watch to view this video.   

The video is of then CEO of Microsoft Ballmer ridiculing the iPhone that then went on to change the world. Except that video will always remain out there and Ballmer will always look like a fool for having made those claims. “It doesn’t appeal to business users because it has no keyboard.” “It is way too expensive” and on and on. Fool for speaking too soon, so learn from his mistakes and wait a bit before writing posts like this one

I will tell you right now, not only is it too early to write a post like that, but the author of that post will buy one and then he will look dumb for saying that… 

Moving along.

The Macbook, the beautiful new Macbook that defies any and all limitations and guidelines we thought we knew about laptop computers. It is impossibly thin. That’s good, right? Not so sure…

Yes, thin means portable and portable is good when you are talking about a computer you will be carrying around. Thin, in this case, also means stunningly beautiful, words I would very rarely ever use to describe any electronic device not manufactured by Apple. Enough said.



As for this laptop though, it might actually be too thin. Too thin not because it is hard to hold or because 2 LBs is too light. Too thin because due to its thinness, it is lacking some of the fundamental things that make a laptop a laptop.

First and foremost, it is underpowered. Dual core? In 2015? Even for Apple who doesn’t do specs, that is pushing it.

One port… Torn on this one. While yes, wires are so 2014 and it does truly boggle my mind that we still use wires, I am looking at my Macbook Pro (which I just bought. I hate you Apple, now take my money. Again!) as I type these words and here is what I have connected via wires:

  • An external screen because there is no way I can follow Twitter on a 13″ display.
  • My charging cable because, well why wait to run low before plugging in?
  • Memory expansion that was sent to me by a cool company
  • A USB cable that is charging my iPhone 6+
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Stock Fan 5 years ago Member's comment

Great read, thanks for sharing!

Wannabe Warren 5 years ago Member's comment

I echo your sentiments regarding the ports.

I suspect that Apple will be selling an accessory hub. I envision one wire to connect to the laptop, and on the other end it would have all the ports you'll need. That will give users a nice streamlined look while on the go, but still have the full functionality they have come to expect, while at their desk. And the side benefit will be that Apple can make some additional revenue on these accessories. Smart. But I probably won't be a fan of it.