EC Mark Cuban On Trump, Breaking Up Facebook, And Antitrust

CNBC Excerpts: Mark Cuban Speaks with CNBC’s Dierdre Bosa in Interview Airing Today

Mark Cuban on Trump


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WHEN: Today, Friday, July 12, 2019

WHERE: Airing across CNBC’s Business Day programming

The following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with tech billionaire Mark Cuban and CNBC’s Dierdre Bosa which aired today, Friday, July 12 across CNBC’s Business Day programming. The following are links to video from the interview on

Billionaire Mark Cuban on breaking up big tech, Facebook and more


Billionaire Mark Cuban on Trump and solving problems

Billionaire Mark Cuban on Trump and solving problems


Right now, if the election was held today, I think he would win again. I think the real challenge is, the Democrats, whatever the number is, for the most part with two exceptions are just putting out politicians. And they're just-- they're just playing to-- to the evening news, to-- to cable-- to cable news. And that's a problem. You know, when I think of politics and tried-- and what I would look for, I try to ask what are the three things people care about when they wake up in the morning? Not what are the three things that are programmed on cable news each evening. And that's a disconnect that I don't think the Democrats have figured out. I think Donald Trump has recognized that he can drive the conversation right now and take control of it and the Democrats are just falling right behind and right in place and letting him drive the conversation. So, as of today, I think he has the advantage. But there's a long, long way to go and a lot can happen between now and then.


DEIRDRE BOSA: Do you think that there's more room for billionaires in this political landscape running for President?

MARK CUBAN: I think there's room for people who will solve problems. I think that's a big-- that's-- a big part of what people are looking for. I think one of the challenges of the Democrats right now is that they put out these big numbers and they say, ‘Okay, for-- we'll spend a trillion dollars on buying back student debt. We'll spend 300 billion dollars on this, 200 billion dollars on that.’ But they don't say how they're going to use that money to solve problems.

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Gary Anderson 11 months ago Contributor's comment

People voted for Trump because they were hurt by Obamacare taxes and because they were hurt by slowing industrial production. They believed him, even though he is constrained by reality. However, since this article was posted, Donald Trump has been exposed as a racist and and the Republicans are silent with a few exceptions like Anthony Scaramucci who said if this racism continues he will not be able to support Donald Trump. More of that needs to happen because the Republicans party leaders look spineless.