This Company Can Bring Millions Of Americans Into The Digital Age

President Biden’s plan to invest $100 billion in broadband upgrades, especially in rural areas, can’t get here fast enough. I know firsthand just how badly needed it is.

Day-to-day, I’m used to having blazing fast Web speeds at my home office near Silicon Valley. I Even tap into that to make and receive cell calls.

But this last winter while skiing up at Heavenly Valley, I rarely had cell or web connections. Much of the mountain lies in a dead zone.

Sure, there may be Wi-Fi at the mountain lodges, but it is weak and painfully slow.

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The thing is, though, for me, it was a temporary inconvenience. It’s everyday reality, though, for millions of Americans who are stuck with snail-like speed – if they can get service at all.

That’s why the president’s program is designed to have those folks join the broadband Web revolution, where e-commerce alone is worth $9 trillion.

I’ve identified an earnings powerhouse that makes some of the best Wi-Fi gear around. Not only that, it’s doubling its earnings every two years.

Let me show you just what I mean…

The Drive for Infrastructure

Now then, if Congress approves President Biden’s plan, it would mean spending $12.5 billion annually over the next eight years.

And that’s on top of a $20 billion FCC program adopted in January 2020 known as the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.

See, as we have noted here for years now, the online world now rules how we live, work, communicate and shop. So, folks without that access are living in yesteryear.

Meaning they are missing out not just on telecommunications but in online commerce, either as buyers or sellers.

Grand View Research says global e-commerce was worth roughly $9.1 trillion in 2019. Growing at 14.7% a year, it will be worth roughly $20 trillion by 2027.

And I’ve identified a Web-focused firm that provides state-of-art Wi-Fi access, Ubiquity Inc. (UI).

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Dan Richards 2 weeks ago Member's comment

Several years ago, I think #Pera said that he could build out his wireless solution in almost all of the rural areas for under $10 billion. #Biden should just give #Ubiquiti $10 billion and save the treasury $90 billion. That’s real money to some of us anyways.