These 10 "Penny" AI Stocks Are Up 51% With Lots Of Room To Run

TM Editors' note: This article discusses a penny stock and/or microcap. Such stocks are easily manipulated; do your own careful due diligence. 

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An analysis of the 120 stocks in the AI and AI-related sector reveals that 55% of them have market capitalizations averaging $278B each and trade for an average of $208 each. If you are looking to invest in lesser value stocks consider one of the remaining 45% stocks which have market capitalizations of $105M on average and average stock prices of $1.41. To help you determine which, if any, of those micro-cap companies might interest you please find below a short list of 10 "penny" stocks with market capitalizations of $47M or more to consider. None are being recommended, per se but, rather, are highlighted as possible opportunities to profit from the speculative frenzy in AI and AI-related stocks. Access the stock symbols provided to do your own research.

penny stock refers to a small company's shares that typically trade for lower than $5 per share. Penny stocks are usually considered high-risk investments due to their low price, lack of liquidity, small market capitalization and wide bid-ask spread. Most penny stocks trade via over-the-counter transactions. Source

The short-list below of 10 penny stocks in the sector provides a profile of each, their current market capitalizations, and their stock performances, in descending order, from their lows in late April/early May until last Friday, July 14th. All currency are in USD.

  1. QuantGate Systems (QGSI): UP 650% since April 28th
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $54M
    • AI Information: delivers advanced SaaS-based Fintech solutions and seamless API integration with the use of AI, Machine Learning, and proprietary big-data processing algorithms
    • Stock Price: $0.15
    • Short Interest: NA
  2. Ideanomics (IDEX): UP 350%
    • Sector: Industrials
    • Market Capitalization: $71M
    • AI Information: provides fintech services that include intelligent and innovative solutions powered by AI and blockchain
    • Stock Price: $0.09
    • Short Interest: 11.4%
  3. Knightscope (KSCP): UP 254%
    • Sector: Industrials
    • Market Capitalization: $100M
    • AI Information: is a security technology company that builds fully autonomous security robots that deter, detect and report
    • Stock Price: $2.16
    • Short Interest: 10.9%
  4. Rekor Systems (REKR): UP 206% 
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $169M
    • AI Information: leverages AI, machine learning, and holistic data to support the intelligent infrastructure for transportation management, public safety, and urban mobility markets
    • Stock Price: $3.16
    • Short Interest: 7.5%  - A high short interest signals that investors have become more bearish and may be getting ready to sell and, as such, that it may be time to liquidate a long position.
  5. SoundHound AI (SOUN): UP 53.5% 
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $802M
    • AI Information:  develops independent voice AI platforms that enable businesses across industries to deliver high-quality conversational experiences to their customers
    • Stock Price: $3.47
    • Short Interest: 8.7%
  6. Verses AI (VRSSF): UP 42.2%
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $213M
    • AI Information: a cognitive computing company that develops network operating systems for enabling distributed intelligence and an AI assisted order picking solution
    • Stock Price: $1.45
    • Short Interest: NA
  7. Butterfly Networks (BFLY): UP 28.9% 
    • Sector: Health Care
    • Market Capitalization: $516M
    • AI Information: is reinventing itself based on generative AI, which will help develop medical devices and deliver customer service
    • Stock Price: $$2.32
    • Short Interest: 16.1%
  8. ReWalk Robotics (RWLK): UP 23.4%
    • Sector: Health Care
    • Market Capitalization: $47M
    • AI Information: is a medical device company that designs, develops, and commercializes robotic exoskeletons for individuals with mobility impairments or other medical conditions
    • Stock Price: $0.79
    • Short Interest: 1.7%
  9. One Stop Systems (OSS): UP 15.8% 
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $58M
    • AI Information: designs and manufactures innovative edge computing modules and systems for AI Transportable applications
    • Stock Price: $2.86
    • Short Interest: 0.5%
  10. Veritone (VERI): UP 10.3%
    • Sector: Information Technology
    • Market Capitalization: $157M
    • AI Information: develops and operates an AI operating system that uses machine learning algorithms, AI models and human cognitive functions
    • Stock Price: $4.03
    • Short Interest: 12.2%


The average market capitalization of the above 10 stocks is $218M and they are UP 50.9% since the end of April.


Given that the AIQ ETF of 92 AI and AI-related AI stocks is UP 26.5% since the end of April and the 11 stocks in the AI Bubble Portfolio (see here) are UP 79.3% since then it suggests that there is an opportunity for considerable upside in the "Penny" AI Stocks Portfolio going forward.  We will report on its progress on a weekly basis.

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