Spectrum Brands Stock: An Ideal Play On The New Homebody Consumer

Spectrum Brands stock is a good way to play the post-pandemic homebody trend.

Like past major world events, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing people’s behavior. And Spectrum Brands stock is the perfect way to play it.

The pandemic was a massive disrupting event that will change people.

Huge events have a way of impacting people and changing their behavior for a long time. I remember being a financial advisor in the ‘90s and realizing that the Great Depression was still affecting people’s attitudes about investing more than 50 years later. I know people from the South who still think about the Civil War on a regular basis. That war ended in 1865.

More recently, many investors still haven’t gotten back into the market since the financial crisis. People around me are still saving food supplies since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. On a personal level, I still don’t drink brown liquor because I got sick from whiskey when I was 19 years old.

What do you think the global pandemic and ensuing year-long lockdowns will do to this country’s current frail psyche?

People were forced to lockdown in their homes for a whole year. Young kids were home all the time. You couldn’t even have a funeral. If you had to go out, you had to wear a mask to lower the odds of catching the virus and dying. The news was constantly about COVID.

That experience won’t just roll off people any time soon. It is likely to affect people’s behavior for quite a while. In fact, it’s already changing things. People have become noticeably more home-centric on a mass scale.

For over a year we shopped, worked, exercised, and got entertainment all from home. Some things were already trends that got accelerated several years and other activities got a new life. A study released in June by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company indicated that 73% of consumers are still hesitant to resume activities outside the home.

It is anticipated that far more people will continue to work from home than would have without the pandemic. Online shopping took off and is expected to continue at a much higher level than before. People are also exercising more from home and cooking in far greater numbers. Many of these trends are expected to continue if not accelerate in the years ahead.

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