HH Pot Stocks: A Good Investment?

With the legalization of marijuana on everyone's mind, cannabis stocks are on a high. In a Fox Business News interview, Alan Brochstein warns that though pot stocks are in demand and increasing in value by as much as 1700% in recent weeks, investment in these stocks should be taken with caution.  However, it is still an exciting time filled with opportunity for those willing to do their due diligence.

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Norman Gates 7 years ago Member's comment
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Z 7 years ago Member's comment
Wow, I'm totally going to research this more. What a great investment idea!
Barry Blogs 7 years ago Member's comment
Yes, the inability to work with banks is a problem but one which will most likely be rectified soon. Personally I'm in GRNH. I think these pot stocks are a huge opportunity right now, just do a little due diligence on the companies before you buy.
IB Trading 7 years ago Member's comment
The problem with pot stocks is that it is currently illegal for financial institutions to do business with marijuana sellers. So I cant see any pot company filling too many financials when they can't even put their money in the bank. American Banks are not too fond of doing business with companies breaking federal laws. The AG might not prosecute but until the Fed Govt decriminalizes pot, the Banks are probably not interested.
Wall Street Wiz 7 years ago Member's comment
TRTC is also a very interesting company. Doesn't have a ton of outstanding shares (about 200 mil if i recall), reports to the SEC, and is waiting on New York to decide on marijuana, as TRTC is headquartered there. TRTC also is more than just an MJ play, as they are a hydroponic system company, so they grow vegetables right now. They just plan on switching to marijuana due to profitability.
Wall Street Wiz 7 years ago Member's comment
ERBB, MJNA, CBIS, etc. are all a lot shadier than some of the current popular stocks. FITX seems to be building a facility that will grow 1.5 million lbs of pot a year. They need to pass inspection from the Canadian government right now. This is the gambling time for that stock. If that inspection passes, it could enter dollar land. Right now its about 5/6 cents. I possibly sold my shares a bit too early. FITX also has a nutritional supplement line, which is moving up in terms of popularity on places like body building.com and GNC. Interesting choice right now imo. Just needs a good share buyback announcement.
Michele Grant 7 years ago Member's comment
If you invest in these companies and don't watch carefully you could end up with lots of shares and no one to buy them. Or maybe a couple of those companies emerge as industry leaders when legislation is changed to make mj 100% legal across the board (someday?). But they are mini-cap companies who's pps fluctuates greatly every day based on sometimes completely dubious claims to pump them up. Fun to play though? yea sure. Just don't put your retirement in it quite yet.
John Michael 7 years ago Member's comment
I wouldn't invest now, I would wait for all this marijuana buzz to end. Just look at the stock history on erbb, mjna, and cbis for 1-2 years. The stocks jump up on press and good news, that's when the pump happens then everyone cashes out and the stock crashes.
Michele Grant 7 years ago Member's comment
To end? It's just beginning...