One Renewable Energy Stock Is About To "Leapfrog" The Whole Industry

There's an incredible omen for renewable energy stocks heading into 2021, setting it up to be a landmark year for the sector.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said the per-watt cost of solar electricity finally fell below fossil fuels last year.

As if that weren't enough, wind and solar companies expect support from the new presidential administration. The Biden platform includes a plan to create 10 million clean energy jobs.

By 2025, the renewables sector is expected to hit $1.5 trillion value, up 61% from $928 billion in 2017. After that, renewables will have achieved a firm footing in regular society. Growth will be exponential.

solar panels on green field

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Renewables are the future.

But investors don't have to wait to find profits. A select group of renewable energy stocks could explode much higher and much faster than the rest of the industry.

Analysts call it a "leapfrog" over existing energy models.

That could send one renewable energy stock near doubling over the next year.

Blowing Away the Competition

You've probably seen wind turbines in rural areas, covering fields on the side of the road. From a distance, you've maybe wondered how big they are.

And size matters.

Whoever says otherwise hasn't heard of a certain wind turbine spinning over the mouth of Rotterdam Harbor in the Netherlands.

According to The New York Times, the Haliade-X from General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) has a rotor with about over "two football fields" of turning diameter.

The average U.S. wind turbine is 466 feet tall. This one reaches 853 feet, about two-thirds the height of the empire state building.

Its size enables it to catch a lot of wind. Of course, you also get room for additional sensors for wind speeds, electricity output, and other diagnostics.

One average turbine used to power a little over 300 households. A Haliade-X produces 13 megawatts of power, enough for about 12,000 homes. That's a small town running on one turbine.

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