Intel Play Gets You Into The Singularity Era’s “Engine”

The Tech That Makes Tech Possible

The pace of technological advance has been lighting fast over the past 60 years.

And it’s only going to get faster.

That’s largely thanks to the exponential acceleration of computing speed. Consider that in your pocket right now you’re likely packing several tens of thousands of times the computing power of the Apollo craft that landed on the moon – not to mention the computers NASA used to pull it off.

In 1995, humans were producing about 100 gigabytes of data every day – far, far less than the 16-terabyte capacity of our newest hard drives in 2017.

What’s more, by 2018, humans and their machines, large and small, will generate close to 50,000 gigabytes every second. That comes to 4.5 exabytes – that’s 4.54 quintillion bites – of data every day, in everything from text messages and emails to love notes, doctoral dissertations and internet traffic.

And only hyperfast computers can handle that eye-watering supply of 0s and 1s. In real time, no less.

That’s where my recommendation comes in. This company’s developers have been consistently innovate and improve computer processors, and they’ve been at it for a while. They’ve got the microchip game covered front to back.

Put “Intel Inside” Your Core Tech Holdings

All of the incredible progress and achievement in processors, stunning and disruptive as it has been, is only laying the foundation of what’s coming just around the corner…

Driverless cars, smart houses, interconnected devices, cybernetics, artificial  intelligence (AI), smart clothes with sensors, and virtual reality surgery are all coming – some prototypes are here already – and they all depend on the chips made by Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC).


Now, of all the great chipmakers out there, come-from-behind Intel is one of the biggest and best bets for your core technology holdings.

Just a few years back, Intel looked to be stuck with the short end of the stick. It relied heavily on server, desktop, and, of course, laptop sales right as the mobile wave was hitting. But it’s really amazing what new, fresh leadership can do. Rule No. 1 of Your Tech Wealth Blueprint holds that great tech firms have great operations. Great operations just aren’t possible without standout CEOs… and Intel honcho Brian Krzanich is one of the greats.

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