In Your 20s? 3 Dividend Stocks To Buy Now To Become A Multimillionaire

Today, I want to tell you about three stocks to strongly consider buying if you're in your 20s, possibly the best stocks to buy now. These three stocks are high-quality dividend growth stocks that have a ton of long-term potential. All three stocks are growing like crazy and taking advantage of huge megatrends. Now, these stocks don't offer huge yields. But that's okay because you have decades to let the compounding process play out and exponentially increase your wealth and passive income.

If you're in your 20s, you should be focusing on quality and growth over yield. High-quality stocks growing their profits and dividends at very high rates should provide for outstanding long-term returns and a ton of aggregate dividend income. Ready for some fantastic long-term dividend growth stock ideas for those of you in your 20s?

The first stock I want to tell you about is American States Water Co. - stock ticker AWR. A utility? For your 20s? Hear me out. Water is becoming liquid gold. This will be one of the most important resources of the coming decades. Companies like this one that provide safe drinking water and wastewater services are incredibly valuable.

AWR only yields 1.7%. But check the growth out. We made a video a while back that showed how this compounding machine-turned $1,000 into $300,000 over a period of only 30 years.

The next dividend growth stock you should definitely take a look at if you're in your 20s is Apple Inc. - stock ticker AAPL. Warren Buffett has called it the best business he's ever seen. I concur. And if you're young, you have to be in tech. Tech is taking over our world. Apple is obviously known for its smartphones, which is one of the biggest megatrends we have. But Apple does more than just smartphones or tech. It's a business - tech, healthcare, content, payments, etc.

Another thing they do extremely well? Investment returns. This stock has compounded at an annual rate of over 30% over the last 20 years. That'll double your wealth every 2 1/2 years!

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