Forget The CRM-WORK Deal – Here's The "Remote Office" Merger I'm Looking At

That it now belongs to Salesforce is a sign that it's staking a claim as a player, if not exactly the player, in remote working.

So, if you own CRM shares, by all means, hang on to them. You'll probably be glad you did.

But folks who don't hold Salesforce – or who do, but want maximum profit potential in the telecommuting trend – will get much more out of FireEye Inc. (FEYE).

Now, at first glance, FireEye is not an obvious player in the work-from-home revolution. It's actually a cybersecurity company with a massive toolbox – an arsenal, really – it uses to protect clients from digital desperados everywhere.

Back in March 2020, when Americans were hunkering down for the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, it became obvious that most of their telecommuting solutions weren't quite "there" yet when it came to safety and security. After all, remote working had been kind of a small niche for years; it wasn't quite ready to become the national pastime.

A lot of us had to quickly get familiar with how to use webcams, or when and why to use a mute button, but lots of people had a rougher time.

There were dozens of reports of bad guys breaking into working sessions to raise all kinds of hell. People started calling it "Zoom-bombing."

Some of it was merely annoying, but there were some alarming cases where actual harm was done – like from stolen personal information, say. There were even instances of hate crimes. At one point, the FBI was investigating 240 cases where trolls "bombed" random Zoom meetings – including online classes – with images of child abuse.

So America's big experiment with working remotely wasn't as smooth or secure as it could've been, but it certainly brought the desperate need for cybersecurity companies like FireEye into focus.

The Remote Office Needs a Tough Security Guard

FireEye is a fairly small company by Silicon Valley standards, with a market cap of $3.4 billion and revenue of $889 million in 2019.

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