Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: The Coca-Cola Company - Wednesday, Feb. 14

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KO Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge Daily Chart, 14 February 2024 

The Coca-Cola Company, (KO) Daily Chart 

KO Elliott Wave Technical Analysis


MODE: Impulse 


POSITION: Minor wave 2 of (1). 

DIRECTION: Completion of wave 2 before continuing higher.  

DETAILS: Here’s the alternative count where we have a leading diagonal in wave 1. Looking for a completion of Minor wave 2, as we seem to be in wave {b} of 2 to then continue higher towards ATH.

Technical Analyst: Alessio Barretta

KO Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4Hr Chart, 14 February 2024 

The Coca-Cola Company, (KO) 4Hr Chart 

KO Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 

FUNCTION: Countertrend 

MODE: Corrective 


POSITION: Wave {b} of 2. 

DIRECTION: Upside into wave {b} of 2.   

DETAILS: Looking to find support on top of 59$ to then pullback in wave {b}, we could face resistance on top of 60$ to then fall back into wave {c} and be headed towards the wave {ii} of the diagonal.  

Welcome to our KO Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge, your go-to destination for comprehensive insights into The Coca-Cola Company (KO) using Elliott Wave Technical Analysis. As of the Daily Chart on 14th February 24, we delve into significant trends shaping the market. 

* KO Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Daily Chart* 

In terms of wave dynamics, we identify a prevailing impulse function with a motive structure. The current position is in Minor wave 2 of (1), indicating a completion of wave 2 before further upward movement. We explore an alternative count where a leading diagonal is present in wave 1. Our focus is on the completion of Minor wave 2, with the current wave appearing to be wave {b} of 2, followed by an anticipated continuation higher towards All-Time Highs (ATH). 

* KO Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 4Hr Chart* 

Here, the wave function shifts to a counter trend approach with a corrective mode, reflecting a flat structure. The present position is in Wave {b} of 2, indicating an upside movement into wave {b} of 2. We anticipated finding support above $59, followed by a pullback in wave {b}. Potential resistance is expected around $60 before a subsequent fall back into wave {c}, ultimately heading towards wave {ii} of the diagonal. 

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