Beyond Meat Inc: Foods Of The Future!

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Beyond Meat Inc (Nasdaq: BYND) is a large company that produces a huge variety of plant-based foods that, for the most part, serve as animal product alternatives. For me, this company has had such a positive impact on my life because ever since I chose to stop eating meat over a decade ago, I have been waiting for something to hit the market that made it more convenient to find something vegetarian, unique, and nutritious. Now, instead of having my quickest options being soups and salads; Beyond Meat introduced and created a movement around adding variety to a vegetarians’ diet. Their plant-based burgers, which were one of the first and one of the more widely known meatless burgers, have caused a whole slew of other companies and brands to follow suit. Meatless Thanksgiving dinners, for example, are now a thing. The plethora of companies that are now offering plant-based meat substitutes is a testament to how trendy this relatively new industry is becoming. This is especially true as more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and learn that the meat industry is one of the largest global pollutants.

The Start of Widespread Adoption

Large fast-food corporations have a huge impact on popular culture because they are so widespread and uniform in their menu options. This allows someone in the United States to relate to someone in France, for example, over their love for the McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) Big Mac burger. This sort of national expansion is just what a new company producing a new type of food needs. Recently, McDonald's announced their partnership with Beyond Meat to produce the “McPlant”, a meatless McDonald’s burger. Additionally, the company also has created a partnership with "Yum! Brands" (NYSE: YUM), the parent company behind brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Not much has been announced along the lines of what new food products will come from this partnership, however, there is a lot of room for serious growth through "Yum! Brands'" various names.

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