Best Stocks To Hold For The Recession

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During a recession, it is not time to change your entire investment plan. But if you need to rebalance, sell some losers, or if you have money to invest, which stocks should you buy? Today we thought about giving you ideas of good recession performers.

This safe list includes a positive dividend triangle, PRO rating and Dividend Safety scores, payout and PE ratios, dividend yield, the chowder rule, and more!

You’ll Learn

  • To have some dividend growth stocks that will be less impacted by a recession, we need to think about sectors that generally continue to perform well. Consumer Staples and the food industry are good choices. Companies like PG, PEP, and MRU.TO will continue to grow during a recession.
  • The utility sector provides essential needs that people will have to pay for no matter the state of the Economy. Boring and steady like FTS and BIP are interesting in such an environment.
  • Should investors be concerned about rising interest rates when it comes to utilities? Actually, most can pass the increase to their customers.
  • The healthcare industry can also be a good place to pick some reliable dividend stocks. Think about ABBV and JNJ for instance.
  • Healthcare facilities have their share of problems, though. Since the pandemic, they have shown higher expenses and lower occupation rates.
  • While I'm not usually a fan of the Energy sector, I explain why the current market makes it attractive. I also discuss my favorite picks: ENB, TRP, and CNQ.
  • During a recession, there are important points to keep in mind. We share three of them that will help you stay the course. 

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