Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, Sept. 7

  • The top-rated sector is Services.
  • The best countries are Canada, Bermuda, and Belgium.

The top-ranked sectors are services (SIG) (GSX) (WNS) (ICLR), industrial goods (ZTO) (KUBTY) (FERGY) (FCAU), and consumer goods (NIU) (ADDYY) (SNE) (NSRGY) (CCEP). Financials, basic materials, technology, and healthcare score average. Utilities scores below average.

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The best zone is North America (BMO) (RY) (TU). The best regions are North America, Sub-Saharan Africa (GOLD), and South Asia (WNS) (WIT). The best countries are Canada (BMO) (RY) (TU), Bermuda (SIG), Belgium (ADRNY), India (WNS) (WIT), and Finland (SEOAY). 

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The following ADRs score best and worst in our universe.

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William K. 3 years ago Member's comment

Best?, Worst?, Score?, Ratio? A bit of explanation as to the evaluation criteria would be rather useful for those not intimate with the context. Certainly I am showing such a lack. Please excuse my lack of intamacy with this evaluation system.

E.B. Capital Markets 3 years ago Contributor's comment

Dear William, You can learn more about our system/model here: and here (scroll to bottom for an audio explanation):