Are You Allowed To Speculate In A Dividend Portfolio?

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After over a decade of double-digit returns, many companies saw their stock price drop this year. Added to inflation and interest uncertainties, it seems complicated to find safe buying opportunities. Should you still take some risks? Should you speculate in a dividend portfolio?

You’ll Learn

  • Each sector plays a different role in a portfolio. Some will provide income and stability, others will boost your growth, and some will do both. Knowing their role will help you select the stocks you need.
  • Investors can classify their holdings into Core companies, Educated guesses, and Falling Knives or Speculative Plays. I define each category and give stock examples.
  • Which percentage would you allocate to each category in your portfolio? How can you use those segments without being hit by the current market too much?
  • For many, tech stocks are volatile and risky. Why do I consider them part of my foundation? Learn how to differentiate the two types of tech stocks.
  • If you decide to add some speculative plays, which portion of your total investment should it represent? How long should you keep them, and what kind of dividend growers fit in this category?
  • Is speculating a good idea even for retirees?

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