3 Reasons Why You Should Own This Blue-Chip Dividend King

Dividend Aristocrats are stocks that have increased their dividends every year for at least the last 25 consecutive years. Why are there so few of these stocks? Because it's incredibly difficult to consistently rake in the ever-higher profits necessary to consistently pay out ever-higher dividends. You have to run an incredible business in order to be able to do something like that. This is why Dividend Aristocrats can be thought of as the creme-de-la-creme of stocks. And within the Dividend Aristocrats, you have a few ultra-high-quality stocks known as Dividend Kings. These are stocks that have been increasing their dividends each year for at least the last 50 consecutive years.

There's one Dividend King that I think is especially worthy of your attention, if not your money.

Today, I want to give you three reasons to own one blue-chip Dividend King in particular. Ready? Let's dig in.

The blue-chip Dividend King I'm talking about today is Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). The first reason to own Johnson & Johnson is because of its stellar dividend. It's basically a prototypical dividend growth stock. The track record speaks for itself. Johnson & Johnson has increased its dividend for an astounding 59 consecutive years. Just think about starting your own business and getting investors to pony up capital. Now imagine these investors expect cash payouts every quarter, in perpetuity. Not only that, they want these quarterly cash payouts to get bigger every single year, no matter what. You have to be running an incredible business, and you have to be running it incredibly well, in order to accomplish something like that. The second reason to own Johnson & Johnson is because of its quality. This is one of the highest-quality businesses on the planet. It basically oozes quality from every single pore. No matter where you look, the quality is there.

Consistent top-line and bottom-line growth over the last decade? Check. Regular buybacks to reduce the float and increase each remaining shareholder's interest in the business? Check. How about net margin in the 20% range? Check. Return on equity near 25%? Check. And get this. Johnson & Johnson is one of only two companies with a AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor's.

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