Top 13 Real Estate Risks To Understand Before Investing

These are the top real estate risks you must know before investing.

Real estate is a very attractive asset class. However, it doesn’t come without risks. If you are going to buy a home or become a landlord, consider these real estate risks before you make your big decision.

Investing in real estate is an ideal passive income strategy and a way to diversify your portfolio. However, there are so many real estate risks that every investor must know. It’s important to understand how the risk of real estate investment occurs and ways of mitigating it.

There is no doubt that a majority of people are turning to real estate investments since they consider them safer and more secure than many other investment opportunities.

Adding an extra stream of income is a smart move that can boost your finances and guarantee future financial stability. I’ve been investing in the stock market and real estate to continually build wealth. I even wrote a book about it called Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom.

Thus, real estate investing is something that every person should have in their asset allocation to ensure you can increase your income and build wealth at the same time. Real estate investing has many similar variables to investing in sound businesses for income and capital appreciation.

My goal is to live mortgage free by using a combination of investing and real estate income to accelerate paydown of my mortgage.

I track all of my cash flow for completely free using Personal Capital. This is a great way to follow your net worth and income over time… Completely automated and hassle free.

Why real estate investment risks matter

Real estate investing seems like a straightforward exercise. However, there are many complexities that are completely outside of your control. Before making a real estate investment, you have to research and consider these risks before making your big investment.

Otherwise, you could end up losing money or stuck with a stranded asset that is producing negative cash flow. That means you have to put up more money just to keep it afloat and operating!

How to Conduct Real Estate Risk Analysis

These real estate investment risks are important in a number of considerations beyond just buying your own property and renting it out. You need to understand the risks of real estate in the following situations:

  1. Investing in public or private Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  2. Real estate crowdfunding
  3. Purchasing your own home and renting it on Airbnb
  4. Investing in an income property and finding a long-term renter
  5. Investing in commercial real estate

The list goes on… A number of these considerations for investing in real estate related to other investments too. Your real estate risk analysis should include all of the following below.

Some of these will be covered in your home appraisal, but you should always conduct your own due diligence before investing. Your due diligence and real estate risk analysis should include the following:

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