Breaking Down The Double Closing Wholesale Strategy


Selling a contract has proven to be a viable exit strategy for today’s wholesalers. However, there are many reasons a contract assignment may not be in the cards. Therefore, investors need to know how to conduct a double closing; that way, they can increase their odds of realizing a successful deal. At the very least, access to each strategy will see to it that you can follow through with more deals.

Key Takeaways

  • While a double closing is most certainly a viable wholesaling strategy, it’s usually an alternative to the contract assignment method.
  • To double close real estate deals, investors will need to actually complete two independent transactions.
  • Real estate double close strategies are often misunderstood, but that doesn’t make them any less viable.

Truly great wholesalers are smart enough not to entertain a deal without a proper exit strategy in place. To that end, the most prolific wholesalers of our time are always one step ahead; they know impending wholesale deals require not only one exit strategy but two. The ability to exercise multiple closing options at any given close is a credit to any investor and can easily tip the scales in their favor. Of particular importance to today’s wholesalers are the two most common methods for closing a deal: selling a contract and double closing.

Whereas most wholesalers are inclined to favor the contract assignment method, it’s in their best interest to have a backup plan in place: the double closing. Otherwise referred to as a double escrow, a double closing is intended to facilitate a wholesale deal in the event a contract can’t be assigned; it’s a Plan B and a valuable one at that. Acquainting yourself with the double close real estate strategy today’s best investors already know could mean the difference between a good career and a great career.

What Is A Double Closing?

A double closing is an alternative wholesaling strategy to the wildly popular contract selling method. More specifically, however, double closings will witness an investor actually purchase a subject property, only to turn around and sell it fairly quickly—hence the name double closing. A double closing will quite literally have an investor close two independent deals (one with the original seller and one with the final buyer). When all is said and done, a double close isn’t all that different from how you would typically buy and sell a property; it just happens in a much shorter period of time. It is not uncommon for double closings to occur over hours, days, or weeks.

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