Politics Vs Reality

Our new president-elect has proposed ‘ideas’ which are not reflective of real-time reality.We ALL live in the ‘NOW’ continually and this means that ‘NOW’ realities are important for living and solving problems. Politicians, however, avoid these ‘NOW’ realities and live mostly in a mythical Future with their thinking. This mindset (of our politicians) is actually ‘illusionary’ and creates Problems which can never be solved. Think of reality as: living always in the ‘NOW’ and successive moments of ‘NOW’. There is NO ‘past’ or ‘future’ which we live in. I (You) live continually in the ‘NOW’ moment and then successive moments of ‘NOW’. Trump’s ideas, however, are not based on this obvious reality. This creates a continuing problem for all of us going forward.

Let’s think about a couple of Trump’s proposals which he desires to implement. He desires to lower taxes for corporations and individuals substantially. This ‘idea’ is based upon his imaginary ‘future’ conceptions of economic growth. Lowering our taxes means LESS government revenues and this means MORE deficits and debt going forward. Does this sound like a wise policy idea (for our millennials and their children)? See this website for why this idea is foolish and unwise: http://www.usdebtclock.org. Check out the current income which is now being received from all the tax avenues and why Trump’s ideas are foolish. If corporate taxes (per Trump’s plan) are reduced to 15% from the current 35% this means a substantial reduction in government revenues. This means much higher deficits and a growing national debt situation going forward. This trend needs to change (now)!

Trump also desires to spend some $1 trillion on new infrastructure projects. This spending also means pressure to increase deficit spending and add more to our national debt. Some estimates suggest that these two ideas of the Donald’s could add some $7 – 8 trillion of additional debt to our government ledger. Does this sound like a sound and wise policy idea for Americans (especially the younger generations) who already can not pay back ANY of their current DEBT. Will our children benefit from ignoring ‘NOW’ realities so as to continue all this ‘ILLUSIONARY’ thinking (based upon some Future which does not exist nor never arrives)? Would not it be WISE to recognize that reality is based upon ‘NOW” living and successive moments of ‘NOW’ living? Reality is what we should be proposing so that our lives reflect these realities. Think on this concept called REALITY…it’s the key to progress!

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Corey Gaber 3 years ago Member's comment

My biggest concern with #Trump is that he seems to lack any sort of filter. And he wields his #Twitter account like a weapon without thinking. That's one thing when you are a private individual. It is another when you are the president representing all of America to the world!

Donald Swenson 3 years ago Author's comment

Fully agree, Cory. F

Donald Swenson 3 years ago Author's comment

The decisions and polices of Mr. Trump should get revealed during his first 100 days!