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SPX-cash (Long term view)
Tested our very ST selling zone @ 2925.05-2949.34 and the RISING 50 DMA @ 2942.73,
to CLOSE below.
We said “some backing and filling will come along the way”
Our very ST bounce zone @ 2882.72-2868.41 is below and I like owning with 2868.41 holding
No LT signal here

S&P futures: (Short term view ) 
TURN AROUND TUESDAY came as we said, and now we get “Whack them Wednesday”

A wild ride as a 47 handle range so far today with 2836.50-2889.25  ,

as the recent swings have been quite sharp in both directions.

Tested our very ST selling zone @ 2902.50-2932.75 last week and again yesterday.
Yesterday’s LOW @# 2866.75 with our very ST bounce zone @ 2860-2840 below
I like buying short term pullback with 2840 holding
No LT signal here


Came very close to testing our very ST selling zone @ 152.71-154.26 last week.
The 50 DMA @ 153.45 and the 20 DMA @ 153.35 are inside the zone
Still trading below the 200 DMA @ 151.09
Poised to open BELOW our very ST bounce zone @ 149.42-148.66 today.
I like owning some with a CLOSE above the 148.66 level  

No long term signal here


Crude is slipping today and currently trading BELOW the 200 DMA @ 56.51,
50 DMA @ 55.93 and the 20 DMA @ 55.43
I would be a buyer inside our very short term bounce zone @ 54-53.17

No long term signal here


Our very ST selling zone @ 27.48-27.78 with the 50 DMA @ 27.60
and the 20 DMA @ 27.73 are above.

Poised to open below our very ST bounce zone @ 26.78-26.64 with the 200 DMA @ 26.47 below.
I like owing with the 200 DMA holding.
A CLOSE below the 8/7 low @ 26.24 to exit short term longs.
Our LT bounce zone @ 25.39-24.59
No long term signal here


Tested our very ST selling zone @ 187.37-189.31 last week and again yesterday
Our very ST bounce zone @ 184.44-183.20 is below and I would buy some with 183.20 holding

LT oversold signal has been triggered

10 year note yields

The July 2016 low @ 1.454 is below

The 20 DMA @ 1.893 with the falling 50 DMA @ 1.996

LT oversold signal remains in place


Ticked inside our very ST selling zone @ 106.18-107.30

with the 200 DMA @ 106.62 inside the zone.
Closed below the 50 DMA @ 105.92
The 20 DMA @ 105.12 with our very short term bounce zone @ 103.92-103.32
I would buy some inside the zone with 103.32 holding

No LT signal at this time

Trading BELOW our
short term selling zone @ 11467-12031 and

our LT selling zone @ 11323-13256 which failed in July also.
We had advised to make  sales inside the selling zones
and a close below the 20 DMA @ 10625 to increase sales.
The PermaBulls will be all over the Cable networks, “BUY BITCOIN WEAKNESS”
The 50 DMA @ 10371 was tested today and held so far.

No new LT signal at this time

SPX-cash daily chart


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