Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

Quote for Today

“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.”

– James W. Frick



I might quote “regular” financial sources often enough here on this blog, but that hardly means I don’t have my stack of deeper analysis and insider information I pour over too.

Some of it’s really pretty dry and boring, I’ll admit, while other parts and pieces would take far too long to include in such a short space. I use both of these to form my general analysis and guide my actions instead of dumping it all on you in one disorganized pile.

But this next bit from integrated wealth managers Kingswood can be summed up easily enough. Considering how the markets are currently looking to end the week on a less enthusiastic note, I want to make sure everyone is feeling appropriately optimistic about the future instead of discouraged.

Note I put the word “appropriately” before “optimistic.” Don’t go overboard. Considering how it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, I’ll even say to KISS it: Keep it simple, “sweetheart.”

(I believe that “stupid” is the common word to put in that saying, but my readers are hardly stupid. So I like to change it up to fit my audience.)

Stick with your principles. Stay focused on quality, value, and your personal parameters. And don’t get distracted by short-term dips or even dives. We’re still looking at a bigger-picture recovery in the end.

Kingswood, like so many elite and mainstream analysts alike, admits that, “The global economic recovery has, as anticipated, slowed significantly in the last few months following the sharp rebound seen in the third quarter last year. However, the extent of the slowdown has varied considerably between the major regions.”

The eurozone, and the U.K. especially, have been suffering under new rounds of lockdowns. But, “The U.S. economy has proved rather more resilient and will also now have the benefit of a major fiscal boost.”

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