Why Ripple Is The Number One Blockchain Investment For 2019 And 2020

InvestingHaven’s research team is on record calling Ripple, particularly its XRP token, the number one blockchain investment for 2019 and 2020. This comes after the bullish Ripple price forecast 2019 which got confirmed by Ripple’s fundamental analysis. This article justifies the vision behind Ripple being the top blockchain investment for 2019 and 2020.

As a reminder InvestingHaven was the first in the world to publish a blockchain investing research service. After one year it has published exactly 70 exclusive alerts to its premium subscribers, analyzed hundreds of cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks before creating a selection of top 10 cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

In doing so it used many interviews and discussions with experts in the field to validate its proprietary methodology to assess blockchain investment opportunities.

Blockchain investment opportunities: asymmetric setup

One of the major conclusions that came out of this work is that it appears there are lots of blockchain investment opportunities out there but in reality, the really juicy blockchain investment opportunities are limited, very limited. 

This asymmetric setup in the blockchain investment world is one of the many practical case of Tsaklanos' 1/99 Investing Principles. Stated differently, the blockchain sector is not an exception to the principle that only a very small portion of blockchain investments is worth your capital.

From an anecdotal perspective this week again we received a reader question who requested our expert opinion on a company that pretended they were investing in blockchain projects. We are not going to disclose the opportunity nor the name of the reader for privacy reasons. Our answer is simple: if it was so easy to get access to blockchain investment opportunities we would have said so on our blog and in our premium crypto service a long time ago. It really isn’t.

The whole world is looking to get rich by investing in blockchain companies. Assuming you are not an accredited investor you really do not have access to the juicy opportunities out there. That’s why we focus on a select few cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

In order to be successful with blockchain investing you have to be as selective as ever before.

Ripple: No. 1 blockchain investment opportunity for 2019 and 2020

InvestingHaven is really excited about Ripple as a blockchain investment because of both the fundamentals and the chart. That’s how we assess blockchain investments.

First, the fundamentals of Ripple are truly awesome. It is beyond us how anyone cannot see this. You really (really) have to force yourself not identifying, understanding and realizing the value of this blockchain investment.

We are always open to challenge our own viewpoint by listening to the flipside of our story. However, what we hear in the opponents of Ripple is a series of arguments that do not make sense at all from a blockchain investment perspective. Arguments like ‘Ripple is not decentralized’ may make up for a nice geeky tech story but are light years away from the reality of a blockchain investor.

The reality is that Ripple as a company is working very (very) hard to realize value with its blockchain platform and, in doing so, increase value of its XRP token.

This week, again, we saw the confirmation in the  Ripple insights section. Particularly the short video below reveals so many things that are hidden to the public.

By carefully listening to what is told in this video it becomes clear what Ripple is preparing. In sum, we see this:

  1. Ripple its strongest capability to speed up cross border payments with a factor of 1,400. Indeed, you got this right, Ripple is close to increasing the cross border settlement time 1,400 times faster than today. Any investor on this planet who has looked at young startups knows what just this fact means for future value.
  2. Ripple, however, appears to be going one step further. It is working to facilitate the tokenization of digital assets. That’s what this video below reveals. The tokenization of digital assets is, next to speeding up payments, one of the great values and opportunities on the blockchain.
  3. Ripple even goes one step further: it will combine the 2 points above by enabling incentivize tokenized digital assets as an alternative form of payment.

This makes Ripple, by far, the most promising blockchain investment from a fundamental perspective.

Not any other cryptocurrency or blockchain startup that is accessible to the public (not restricted to accredited investors) has such a promising outlook for adoption, commercial growth, and fundamentals as a blockchain investment. If anyone can challenge us on this viewpoint we are very interested to hear this, and we are open to revise our viewpoint based on this.

Ripple’s chart confirms the blockchain investment opportunity

It is not only Ripple’s fundamentals but also Ripple’s XRP price chart that confirms Ripple being the No. 1 blockchain investment for regular investors in 2019 and 2020.

As explained in great detail in Ripple’s relative strength chart article Ripple’s price in Bitcoin terms is setting a series of higher lows. Moreover, Ripple’s price in Bitcoin terms moves in a rising channel. This is, arguably, the most important trend on this chart. Very interestingly, Ripple tended to fall until the lowest point in its channel before starting its rise but recently it stopped falling at a higher point. 

All this suggests great relative strength, and underpins our thesis that Ripple will eventually overtake Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency. We wrote about our thesis in great detail in our Medium piece: Bitcoin futures will fuel Ripple.

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