Mickey Fulp: I Own Gold And Silver For This Reason

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Is COVID-19 the end for the U.S. Finacial System? Should you be investing in the stock market? How about Natural Resources? Which precious metals should you own during the U.S. Financial Pandemic?

In this exclusive interview with fellow TalkMarkets contributor Mickey Fulp, the 'Mercenary Geologist,' we will discuss the U.S. financial pandemic, Covid-19, the stock market, precious metals and mining stocks, the gold price forecast, and more.

Our goal is to empower you and share the merits of owning money versus currency. Why resource stocks merit consideration for your portfolio. And most important, to educate you so that you may become a financial steward for your family.

0:52 Is the Main Stream Media telling propaganda to the public?

3:43 Is COVID-19 the mean or the end?
4:48 What propaganda?
5:36 Currency Debasement affects on the Stock Market?
7:21 How will Resource Stocks perform?
8:00 Miners or Junior Miners?
9:11 Stock Picks
11:51 Why does Mickey Own Physical Precious Metals?
12:53 Which should you be buying right now and why?
15:11 Where can you buy and sell precious metals?
15:25 What keeps Mickey up at night that we don't about?
15:37 What did I forget to ask?


Maurice Jackson: Joining us for conversation is Mickey Fulp, the world-renowned Mercenary Geologist.

I want to speak to you today about the mainstream financial news networks and the narratives that they're pushing on both sides of the aisle, respectively. And of course, depending on the news program, the blame is always cast on the political adversaries and never, to anyone's surprise, are they accepting blame for championing and implementing policies that have created the U.S. financial pandemic. . .it just seems to be skipping over most people's radar, as we're all focusing our efforts right now on COVID-19. When you look at the U.S. financial pandemic, just how bad is the U.S. economy, and did it begin with COVID-19?

Mickey Fulp: Well, there were certainly financial stresses before spawning of this flu bug in Wuhan, China. Long live frothy stock markets that were overdue for a correction, burgeoning trade, and budget deficits. And I think most importantly, American outsourcing and our dependence on China for fundamental supply chains.

But there's little doubt in my mind that this economy was booming despite some underlying structural weaknesses, and the collapse, in my opinion, was due to draconian government overreaction in response to the immediate crisis.

So no doubt, this is a very bad, deadly flu for the elderly and the unhealthy, which would include people who are morbidly obese, diabetics, smokers, those with cardiovascular disease, those with other immune system disorders, and especially so for people living in communal conditions. But I think it's nothing more than that. I mean, look at the facts. Fifty percent of deaths have incurred in nursing homes. And if you add people who are over 65 who are not imprisoned in nursing homes, it's up to 75%.

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