Kyle Bass Interviews Mark Cuban: "AI Will Help The FANG Stocks Crush Bitcoin"

Entrepreneur and TV personality Mark Cuban is one of the most visible businessmen in America (present occupant of the Oval Office aside) - though whether his reputation is warranted or not is open to debate. Like Trump, he is a master of self-promotion - he authored a popular business book - the aptly titled “How To Win At The Sport Of Business” (Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks) - and is one of the hosts on a popular network reality TV show, “Shark Tank.”

And in an interview Kyle Bass for RealVision Television, Cuban shares his opinions on artificial intelligence and ICOs, which our readers know are two of the most-overhyped tech trends of the year.

But first, Cuban and Bass warm up with some small talk about parenting, where Cuban readily shares his strategy for raising kids to not become, in his words, “entitled jerks.”

MC: It's like, you want something? You have to earn it. It may be doing math. Like, with my 8-year-old, it's math for money. You have to answer math questions to earn $1 or $5.

With my middle daughter, it's reading a non-school book. So, I'll give her a history book or a biography. And she'll make $20. If it's over 300 pages, she can make more.

And then my oldest daughter is a challenge. My 14-year-old, that's a whole different beast. All those things worked up until this year.

So, we're working through trying to figure out what kind of jobs she can do. So, the point being that, I want them to recognize like I did growing up, that you have to earn what you're going to get and that it's just not going to be waiting for you. And so, whether that amount is $5 million like I have now or $10 million when they get to 30, then who knows? We can adjust. But it's I think now is really where it matters and the habits that I get them into now are important.

While Shark Tank doesn’t pay as well as some of his other ventures, Cuban says doing the show is a labor of love. He says he enjoys hearing stories from parents about how watching shark tank inspired their kids to become more entrepreneurial.

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In one notable aside, Cuban confirmed what many dedicated “Shark Tank” fans have probably suspected for years: The producers intentionally pick some of the more outlandish pitches (remember Cougar Energy? The energy drink shot marketed toward tired, single, middle-aged woman?) to inject a little excitement into the show.

Though sometimes the silliest pitches can yield surprisingly strong returns, Cuban said.

MC: Yeah. Because it's TV, right? So, I invested in a guy - so when I first did the show - I came on as a guest 7 years ago. And there was a guy that did a little dance - I want to draw a cat for you, right? And I gave him $25,000 for a third of his company, and all we did was draw stick figures of cats. And he charged $10 a pop. And people were buying them. And so, literally, I got probably a 50% return of my $25,000 investment.

And also, on top of that, I got hired to do 10 cats at $1,000 apiece by somebody because the silliness of it is what sold. But I made the investment, not because I wanted to draw cats, right, but because he was really good at SEO. And so sometimes you see somebody who doesn't really know how to manifest their skill set. So, you start with them here, and we did some things there, and then we took his creativity and pushed him into other areas. And now he's on to bigger and better things, which is great by me.

Bass then moved on to asking Cuban a few questions about how he manages his $3.3 billion.

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